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Meglio u14 trail blazing name of Grimsby Futsal

St Georges futsal pitch

Meglio United finished 5th at the Futsal Select National Finals on 29th July, recording comfortable victories over the likes of Rotherham United and Mansfield Town.

The team suffered just 2 defeats during a marathon 9 hour day at the home of England and the national football/futsal setup.
Meglio now turn their attention to the World Futsal Cup in December. The tournament is played in Barcelona.
Thanks to Meglio coach Sam Vincent for picture and update.

Dear Friends

We present the International Youth Futsal Cup.

It is a tournament organized for the participation of clubs interested in its international projection.

A tournament organized so that leaders and coaches, who want the progression of their players, find in traveling and competing in other countries a way to increase the level of play of their players.

Spain and more specifically Madrid has these characteristics, excellent accommodations, perfect sports facilities and clubs with players that have the level of play that will demand from the opponent, total concentration and maximum demand in technique and tactics.

We attach the information of the tournament, we wait for your news !!!.


Telf: +34 636 467 557



Coaches always be prepared for surprises

Two weeks ago I revisited old coaching ground inspired by success of Croatia at World Cup.  I spend a third of my hour session playing our version of handball. The next session, first question from participants was to ask if they were to play handball again. They had loved it and couldn’t wait to play again.

Handball and futsal are twins as both games are played on same court with same size goals. Whether futsal helps handball I doubt, conversely handball really can help create the futsal player. Handball players play with their heads in the air, aware of all around them. Football/futsal players left to their own devices play heads down, only the cream play head up and aware. My experience is my futsal groups playing handball take to the game like ducks to water. It’s easier to catch a ball than kick a ball so moderate success is immediate. Important in young player development, they also learn to move around court and take up free positions to receive the ball; everyone is so much more alert.

The last game of the senior league season we had a match with a pro handball player in one goal and GTFC’s Scholarship keeper in the other, their movements and actions mimicked each other.

In a game the handball player will make most of his saves diving down, the futsal keeper the opposite.

Try it, can’t get a proper ball or don’t want to follow full laws, make up a hybrid basket ball game.

Let me know how you get on.

Kevin Bryant

Futsal Endorsement from NTC Under 12 Juniors

NTC Junior Futsal Team
2018 Under 12 ‘B’ League Winners

We (NTC) have loved this season of playing futsal. We feel that futsal promotes better technique for our players and develops their skills more rapidly due to a lot more time on the ball. Their decision making and executions are improving massively since playing the game. If you are serious about the quality of the time you spend playing or watching futsal games, then you will definitely see a rapid improvement in performances. Futsal has not only brought us on as a 5 a side team but also as a football team in Sunday league. Our players are a lot more confident on the ball and their movement that they have taken from Futsal and implied it to the football game is brilliant!

As a manager, I am pleased we entered the Futsal league and will definitely be staying in it for a long time!!

Callum Ely (NTC Manager)

NTC 6 5 1 0 52 11 41 16 WWWWDW
FC Synerjy 7 4 0 3 22 30 -8 12 WLWWLLW
JR Sports U10 BLUE 6 3 2 1 39 16 23 11 WLWDWD
Immingham Pilgrims U9 PF 6 1 1 4 17 30 -13 4 LWLLDL
Keelby United U9z 7 1 0 6 11 54 -43 3 LLLLWLL

What can We learn from World Cup?

France World Champions 2018

The mood has changed from the heady days before we first played Belgium. Will we ever know if we ever deliberately lost that game? Should we have ever got so ecstatic in the first place? Look at the opposition, Tunisia; has anyone visiting Tunisia seen a football pitch? There must be some. Finally Panama, just ten million people.

Belgium the only team in the group with a couple genuine world class players won the group and was rewarded with a tough draw to the final. England by comparison had avoided the big guns by finishing second. Not sure seeding is supposed to work this way.

Last 16. We beat Columbia, the only team in the tournament with every player playing outside its national borders. But with a 49 million population, not a small populated country. England is 55 million.

Quarter Finals and we see off Sweden, nothing like the Sweden of past glories. Sweden has better World Cup and Olympic history than our own, so had history on their side. Here might be a clue to why England under achieve at World Cups. We get knocked out and its four years to rectify the loss, Sweden and the rest of the world have the Olympic Games to look forward too. Their FA’s are working on a two year cycle unlike England’s four year cycle.

Quiz question, which English manager lead them to World and Olympic success?

Runners up World Championship 2018

Semis, beyond our dreams, our 55 million are playing the rocky mountainous Croatian – habited by just 4 million people. We lose in extra time. As a coach your first instinct has to be why can 4 million people produce several world class players and 55 million not one? Baring in mind the 55 million has probably the most well organised coaching operation in the universe. Academies, Schools of excellence, Charter Standard clubs, UEFA coaching badges, money in the bank, England has everything in place, so why do we fail to produce World class players? Croatia has none of our luxuries but they create World class footballers!

Finding information about Grassroots football in Croatia is unreliable unless you are Croatian with local knowledge. The internet is patchy with information. What I do know is that their top league averaged three and a half thousand spectators per game, less than Grimsby Town. The population is dropping annually as young people move to Germany and Italy; deaths are greater than births by a considerable margin. Could the answer to their success be in the other sports they are great at? Olympic silver medallist at basket ball, world champions at water polo, up there with the best at futsal, handball and volley ball. They are competitive in sports we fail to qualifying to at Olympic Games. Small sided sports that demand energy, commitment, fast thinking etc. Whilst our young players are sharing a ball between 22 on a full size pitch they are playing both futsal and 7 vs.7 on a futsal court to age 18. We are one trick ponies, travel to any country on the continent with an English junior team and your guests are likely to ask if you want to play them at basketball. They change sports with ease; we decline to play them because most of us don’t know the basics of basket ball or the laws.

I spend some time this morning with an English coach who has just returned to Grimsby after six years in France. I asked him how a younger French team could be so much better than England. His answer was ‘in France they coach to create great players, not to win the next match or competition. One in six coaching sessions at his club was without the ball. Time would be spent on individual positioning within tactics.

My own conclusion, football, football and more football is not the way to develop players. The 2018 UEFA study showed elite futsal trained futsal players was better at football than elite players trained only to play football.

Add in handball, basketball, volleyball etc and you will have even more dynamic players. Not sure, watch Croatia and France play.

Grimsby futsal and its England connection

Ben Mortlock in white England kit

England game is absorbing most people’s minds, including mine, but mine has added complication of looking forward to Ym Corinthians play Franklin College on Thursday. My Corinthians are lower end of table, but capable of surprises. Title aspirants Franklin might just be in for one, we have a full squad out, energy to burn. Watch this space.

Match schedule  Thursday 5 June 5:30pm USA v Qatar 8pm England v Cyprus  Friday 6 June 5:30pm Cyprus v USA 8pm England v Qatar  Sunday 8 June 1pm Cyprus v Qatar 3:30pm England v USA

Ben in England action

How good is the Grimsby Senior League? The current crop of teams have played the games for years, they are for most part playing futsal that would give FA National League teams a run for their money. Referees will tell you they have refereed game after fantastic game. The fitness level is phenomenal. Tactics and individual skills are top class. Time after time we have had new teams join that have just not been able to match the challenge futsal offers.

Maybe nothing it, but interesting that Harry Clifton, GTFC’s break through player last season played Grimsby league futsal, most of continent plays futsal till late teens before splitting between futsal or football.. Charles Varnham, who Town loaned from Derby County played in league too.

For me my love of futsal is not that it prepares many for the professional game, but that many are now going to play at top universities, mostly assisted by the excellent GTFC Futsal scholarship, but not all. Others are taking a different route to university.

Joe Hutchinson

Grimsby league futsal is step one to who knows where ? ‘Peoples Bar’ team member Joe Hutchinson is working at St Georges for the FA as a performance analyst. Click of a mouse and he could unwittingly win World Cup.

‘Magpies’ Ben Mortlock studied sports science at Middlesbrough University eventually getting a Master Degree at Sheffield. He played futsal for both Universities whilst collecting 30+ caps as England’s futsal captain. Ben was last seen hugging England players after Columbian penalty shootout!

Life can be full of unlikely twists and turns, what futsal can guarantee is that you will reach peak fitness and be able to play football making great choices and thinking a second quicker than your footy trained opponent. Not my opinion a result from a UEFA financed study.

Back to my mental stress, will England deliver and Ymca Corinthians make it a double?

Kevin Bryant

Clee Red’s take major scalp in U14’s Ladder League

To join and play:

Can Red’s make a seismic shock wave and go top???????? This was question when fixture went on web.

Red’s the first, in my memory, team ever to leap from bottom half to top in one giant step. That’s advantage of Ladder leagues, big changes can happen quickly. Don’t understand why they are not used more often. All Stars had bare squad, Red’s two substitutes. Game plan had to be ‘full on press’ on the five; Red’s did this brilliantly, playing with added verve when they won the ball. 

Think that at last Red’s have bought into notion that defending is more important than attacking, defend right and chances will 


Positions Monday 7-00 p.m.

Positions Monday 7-40 p.m.


Futsal All Stars

Clee Town Red


Grimsby Warriors

Grimsby Warriors


YMCA Galacticos

YMCA Galacticos


Immingham Town

Immingham Town


Meglio United

Meglio United


Grimsby Phoenix (Grimsby Eagles)

Grimsby Phoenix (Grimsby Eagles)


Healing FC (Healing)

Healing FC (Healing)


Gy Boro Utd MW

Gy Boro Utd MW


Clee Town Red

Futsal All Stars


Healing FC (Laceby)

Healing FC (Laceby)


Clee Town Blue

Clee Town Blue


Gy Boro Utd NB

Gy Boro Utd NB

Grimsby Diamonds vs. Lion’s – A match with two winners


The last two Monday’s Grimsby Diamonds, Under 16s League leaders, have challenged themselves by playing Lions (Under 19s futsal Champions), the result a win for both camps.

Lion’s team, given the age and experience gap won both games. This was expected, but not by significant margins. I do not mention the scores as they are not relevant. What was relevant was a younger team wanting to challenge themselves. Winning regular should be a signal to a caring alert coach that his team needs a greater challenge. Clearly this was why Diamonds was playing Lions. Lions importantly accepted the matches understanding that the learning process for them would be limited.

Gy Diamonds

Did Diamond’s gain from losing two matches. Hugely I would argue. I must add I was referee for both matches. Lions included two players that have played FA Super League futsal for Loughborough University (Brendan Braithwaite and Callum De-Grouchy) and a third player Ethan Orr who has just completed two years on the Grimsby Town BTEC course. A core of players trained in the tactics of futsal. These three players are surrounded by players who have quickly copied their tactics and processes. Diamonds are alert bright players, being on court with such opposition will have fuelled their minds with ideas to copy and personal positional improvements they may be able to adjust to benefit themselves and the team the next match they play.

Wednesday the Lion’s team showed the level they have graduated to by beating the highly experienced Me2 Futsal team in the men’s’ senior league. Lions are the first team that have travelled through the leagues from under twelve futsal to senior.

To join and play: