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Another great week of futsal – Kevin Bryant

Monday highlight was an under 9s match when a player had to go off the opposition immediately gave them a player on side lines who they knew was a very capable player. Sporting generosity at its best.

Tuesday found me refereeing a match between Meglio (undefeated) vs. Eagles (second placed). Could Eagles break that 100% record? Not to be. Meglio raised their game up another notch to lead 6-0 with minutes left. In those closing minutes Eagles conspired to score two great goals. Meglio for the first time, please I am not being critical, moved from a very good five a side team to a team that ‘futsal’ written through it. There is a difference; a very good five a side team will never beat a futsal team on same court.

Wednesday capped everything, I was second referee officiating YMCA All Stars vs. Me2 in the Senior League. Me2 are a class team, no team beats them easily. My hope as the whistle went was that my Ym team would keep their heads up when Me2 opened a lead. To my surprise and pleasure team defended as a coordinated group, assisted by a sensational keeper, they then kept ball under pressure to open up their own scoring account. GTFC fans I hope will enjoy same pleasure at Lincoln Saturday when Town snatch late winner.

What to look forward to next week?

Banter between Vipers dads and a granddad has led to a Monday night game between both. Full futsal laws will apply. Watch this space, serious bragging rights to winners.

Tuesday will see Meglio u14s chance their arm, or should that be foot, against Clee Town u15s in a match arranged to test Meglio prior to their Barcelona tournament. Proper Preperation can Prevent Poor results.

Wednesday will have its usual head on collisions. Top four teams nothing between them, any can beat another on their day.

Finally your team photos, match reports, all add to the fun of futsal. Pictures sent from your mobile phones transfer exantly to web.

Kevin Bryant

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Wanted – Wanted -Wanted

Wanted Players & Referees

  • Football referees to train as futsal referees
  • Referees with no experience to train as futsal referees
  • Senior players for YMCA team, team plays in Grimsby Futsal League most Wednesday nights
  • Players aged under 19 at 31st September 2017. YMCA team plays most Monday’s at YMCA Grimsby

Futsal is an amazing sport to be involved with, come and enjoy the game.

New teams always welcome.
Details: Kevin Bryant 07980286663 or

Does being a referee and a coach make the job more or less enjoyable?

For me more enjoyable. Not so when I go watch 11 vs. 11 football, which I cannot watch as a fan anymore, either at the local park or on television. Who else but a coach would watch Liverpool vs. Newcastle, and count that Liverpool made fifteen first half back passes to their keeper, yes fifteen. This in a game they dominated. Is a rule change needed? Viewing figures would suggest yes.

Monday night I refereed three great games but widely different age groups. The first game was an u9s friendly which I could not help notice how far these lads have to travel to reach the level of CBM under 19s in the final game. In the u9s game I found myself concentrating on one player who struggled badly. He had no conception of space and movement. Was this because in mini soccer players have set positions? He may have been asked to play up front in mini soccer, which is a million miles away from playing up front at futsal. In futsal the forward pivot (football centre forward) may end up as defensive pivot (centre half) during same attacking move. Players rotate positions during a futsal phase of play. They don’t at football.

As a parent I would be asking questions of the coaches, just what they might be doing to help my son rectify his mistakes from that one game. This can be done politely. The development of your player is paramount at this age.

The last two games were older age group matches. CBM vs. Tetney was simply brilliant.  Teenagers with above average technique and super fit. Want to see how futsal should be played; pop down to a CBM game, you will not be disappointed. Self taught and brilliant. Watching them as a coach is far more difficult, the advice you might offer stretches your ability as a coach. Tetney less so, till they get a sixth player in team they will continue to be a great first half team. Futsal is like doing shuttle runs; even the best have a limit. An extra player or two means you can do more high energy sprints.

Lions vs. Clee Mariners was an under nineteen battle that ran out in Lions favour in latter stages. As a coach I would have been banging my head against a wall. Bad defending at corners. Four defenders defend a corner, not three, four! Every player should have his back side to goal. If your goal keeper cannot read the number on your shirt you’re facing the wrong way. Defending is about organisation, defending is a skill achieved without the ball. Mariner hard work was undone by players defensive positioning.  Coaches have to observe and remedy. Repeating the same mistakes will only give the same result.

Please have a read of a book I have co written on this subject. Coaching children in and through futsal.