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Healing Hotspur Dou Show Great Initiative Mixing Futsal Coaching with Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme

Ben & Tyler team chat

Ben McCartney and Tyler Reeve show character in taking over Healing

Hotspur u12z when team manager felt he could do job no longer.

Even better they made project of their Duke of Edinburgh Awards programme.
Both say they love coaching and look forward to Monday match day.

Ben McCartney & Tyler Reeve

Even when Duke of Edinburgh course finishes they plan to continue coaching their u12z protégées.
I will add both Ben & Tyler have played futsal for many seasons with Healing Hotspur u16s, a great team that never fails to give opposition an easy night.

Keep those stories coming please?

Link to FA BootRoom of coaching activities – Must for the Futsal Goal Keeper


In futsal the goalkeeper represents 20% of the team as opposed to 9% in 11 v 11. Add this to the fact that they’re always within 30 metres of the ball means that they’re constantly involved in the game and never get a chance to switch off, whether that’s in or out of possession.

David De Gea in action

Premier League goalkeepers such as Ederson, Alisson and De Gea have been brought up on futsal and it’s easy to see how it has influenced their game, whether that be with how they deal with the ball in possession or with the techniques they often use to make saves close to the goal.

The benefits of futsal for football goalkeepers is clear. As a game in its own right, futsal goalkeepers enjoy the fact that they’re always in the action and in a 40-minute game it’s not uncommon to face over 60 shots on target with a similar number of opportunities to distribute the ball.

Here, Andy Reading and Mark Croft provide further insight into the role of a keeper by discussing:

  • the key attributes of a futsal goalkeeper
  • the number of shots goalkeepers face
  • the impact of not wearing gloves
  • warm up routines on a matchday.

Clee Sporting U12z – The story so far…

Clee Sports u12z
2020 Season

Second futsal season together. When we put these 6 together I knew that that they all could offer something different and become a very good unit but I also knew it wouldn’t happen overnight as quite a few teams have played 3/4 futsal league seasons before we started.. First season we did well mixed results but could always see the progression each week. Now onto this season, I have felt like they’ve took this league by storm playing 13 winning 12 losing 1 scoring 91 conceding 21, more importantly some of the futsal they have played has been absolutely wonderful to watch and even better when they conduct themselves in such a good way. As a coach and parent I cannot wait for next season to continue watching these kids do what they do best with a smile on their faces

Thank you Grimsby junior futsal league for giving all the boys and girls the opportunity to learn this game in a fun, safe environment

Grimsby Borough Colts & Grimsby United deliver a game beyond their years

Wednesday u9 /10z Champions League

Grimsby Borough Colts (rc) 2 V 3 Grimsby United (sw)

Both teams did their coaches proud. The ball spend 90% of game on floor, the only punt forward was when a player was cornered in a tight defence position that favoured the opposition. Futsal World Champions do same in same situation.
Futsal players train to make positions that allow a game switching diagonal pass; these lads picked a dozen out in match – exceptional.
Pleasure to be second referee to Mark who controlled game brilliantly.
Well done both teams, can’t wait to see you play again.
Now my little nitpick, not specifically this game, why when players are obviously being so well coached do parents feel free to coach their player or the team from opposite side of pitch. If you see something that you can add, be patient and have a quiet word with coach at appropriate moment, which could be next day when everyone has chilled and has had thinking time. I often repeat this, but best advice I ever heard was from an England sports psychologist, ‘never use a player name during game,’ well done Colts’ – ‘great goal United’, share the praise to the team not the player.’

To play Futsal – Kevin Bryant 07980286663 or

Want to Play Futsal? You have a Team & Want to Join a League

Grimsby Futsal League can offer opportunities

  • Two team spaces in u9/10 League Europa League
  • U11/12 League has one space
  • U13/14 League has two team spaces
  • U15/16 League would greatly benefit by an extra team
  • Senior League can expand to any number of teams

New Corinthians Complex CIC League

  • Girls u10/12 Leagues

Fancy a trail game?  Want more information?

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Football Foundation Funding assists Local Players & Referees to Complete Futsal Referee Course

Grimsby referee Gavin Sartain in action.
want to referee futsal?
07980 286663 for details

Pleased to announce that the Grimsby Futsal League had 5 referees complete the Futsal Referee Course Sunday at Lincoln. This, to best of my knowledge, was first course organised by County FA and first course to be specifically designed to referee Futsal.

Two previous courses, the last six years ago, participants had to be football referees to get on the course.

To complete the course in a day must have been challenging for all concerned.

Brilliantly well done, teams and players will benefit greatly from your commitment.