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Monday Night under 12z deliver a feast of great futsal – Just look how tight most of scores are…

Discoveries (red) Vs. Clee CommunitySaw NTC players walking in sports hall and thought ‘not a bad team there’. How wrong can I be? Team suffered only big defeat of the night.

Elsewhere matches could have gone either way down to last minutes.

Monday night is becoming a ‘must go and watch’ night.

Get your team playing now, that or get left behind. These lads are good.

Clee Sporting 6 V 0 NTC
FC Synerjy U11 5 V 5 Healing Hotspurs Solsberg
Immingham Pilgrims (sp) 3 V 7 Immingham Pilgrims (nm/sc~m)
Wybers Juniors U11z 5 V 5 Immingham Pilgrims U12 (sc’m)
Immingham Pilgrims U10z (pf) 6 V 4 Grimsby Soccer Club U12z
Immingham Pilgrims U11 (ch) 4 V 5 Seven Seas (ca)

Tuesday Under 16 League Going Down to Wire – Galacticos/Healing & Discoveries Flyers feeling the pressure

Healing Hotspurs eleven a-side team; the same players make up their futsal squad

18 Games played and the prospect of a Play Off match to decide league winners is looking increasingly likely.

Galacticos led table most of season, only to make slip ups exploited by Discoveries Flyers, Flyers are now having problems of their own, taking one point from last two games.

Invigorated with new signings Healing have a new lease of life, can they retain title?

Great that two under fifteen teams have pushed themselves into top 6.

Galacticos 18 14 2 2 44 WDLWDWWLWWWW
Discoveries Flyers U15 (cg) 18 14 2 2 44 LDWWWWWWWWWW
Healing FC (Healing) 17 13 2 2 41 WWWWWWLWWWWW
Healing Hotspurs U15 (rw) 16 10 2 4 32 WLWDWWWLLWWD
Healing FC (Laceby) 16 9 2 5 29 DDWLWLWLLWWW

To All Clubs and Teams. Important moving forward…

Kevin Bryant 2002 FA Finals
10,000 plus matches now on clock. Ready for knackers yard.

Very briefly I am in talks to keep leagues operating. The offers by people to help has been very generous and appreciated.

I can’t say too much at this point as my thoughts of how the LFA is currently being operated and the disregard for the Grimsby Leagues shown by the Grimsby Town Education Trust is not printable.

Last week I accepted an LFA offer to use my experience to deliver a County Junior Futsal Cup competition, expenses no pay. I happily agreed anything that benefits futsal I support. I mentioned at same meeting that I heard GTET was about to start two (two term) futsal leagues in competition with my (your leagues), something I was not happy about as previously they had avoided cost of ‘affiliation’ and used student referees. Not a level playing field.

The LFA took my comments onboard and said they would only be supporting ‘affiliated’ leagues. What have GTET put on their web page tonight, an advert that their counterproductive leagues are sponsored by the Football Foundation courtesy of the LFA!

Why did the LFA not tell me this when we was sat face to face and they was passing compliments and asking favours?

Being positive and presuming the leagues continue some big decisions need to be made. Does the league need to be affiliated to the LFA; is there a simpler better way of operating? All suggestions welcomed. If things move quickly there will be some fixtures posted over weekend. I have had request from teams wanting to play or book courts they love the game and don’t want a week off.


Kevin Bryant

101 Reasons it Pays to Affiliate our Clubs & Leagues to the FA

The Benefits of League Affiliation
 Recognition from the players that the competition is taking place under the auspices of the
National Governing Body for Football. This will assist in the promotion and recruitment of
Teams and Officials
 If the competition is affiliated to a County Football Association it will be subject to the FA’s
Disciplinary processes. These will provide an additional safeguard to players and officials
 Access to FA Qualified Referees. FA Qualified Referees are only permitted to officiate in
affiliated football and any insurance they carry is not applicable in unaffiliated competitions
 Only affiliated competitions are in a position to recruit additional referees through running
the FA Small Sided Referees Qualification
 Affiliated competitions have the opportunity to post their results on ‘Full Time’ at – the Football Association’s official website
 Access to The FA Small Sided Football Fund and Small Sided Football Accreditation Scheme
 Access to funding for IT equipment
The Benefits of Club Affiliation
It can be a daunting task to set up a new football club, but help is at hand to support you through
the process of getting up and running.
It is through affiliation that the family of football is brought together and correct standards and
discipline are maintained.
Affiliation acts as a quality assurance and as a safety net to help protect players, clubs, officials and
administrators throughout the game. Benefits include:
 Being legally affiliated to the Amateur Football Alliance (AFA)
 Contacts with all local leagues, clubs and players
 Promotion via our website and links
 Eligibility to compete in County FA competitions (e.g. County Cups)
 Discipline, Fair Play and Respect
 Funding Opportunities
 Access to advice from County FA staff plus FA regional development, coaching and facilities
 Access to purchase public liability and personal injury insurance for your club, team and
 Access to The FA welfare programme
 Access to County FA and FA communications, including your chance to help shape future
 Access to qualified referees for your matches
 Opportunities to participate in FA football development schemes such as Charter Standard
Awards (this provides even further benefits)
 Access to player and coaching development opportunities
Football Development Services
Football Development is one of the most important aspects within the game. At the AFA we have a
Development Team that aims to develop the game in every way. Here is an introduction to some of the
areas of our work:
Improving your Facilities
Assisting you secure grant aid from the Football Foundation and a wide range of other sources including
Goalpost Replacement.
Coach Development
Assist you to find coaches to coach your sides
Organising Level 1, Level 2 & Level 3, Goalkeeping and Futsal Coaching Courses
Organising FA Age Appropriate Modules and FA Skills Team Events
Planning specific coaching sessions for your players
Medical Education
Training people to obtain Emergency Aid qualifications and Sports Injury qualifications
Helping you recruit new volunteers & training your existing volunteers
Safeguarding Children
Organising Safeguarding Children and Welfare Officer Workshops
Providing Safeguarding Children advice and support
Women’s & Girls
Assistance with setting up or linking with a Women’s & Girls section
Assistance and Support with setting up a Disability section
Helping you set up a Youth Section in your club
Helping your club adopt a Youth Team
Promoting and running coaching courses for young adults at your club
Running mini-soccer festivals at your club
Helping you set up mini-soccer at your club
Helping you adopt mini-soccer
Resource and Information Centre
Providing a library with information about any aspect of football
Loaning you coaching and training resources
FA Charter Standard
Helping adult clubs to become FA Charter Standard Clubs
Helping youth clubs become FA Charter Standard Clubs
Organising Charter Standard In Service events
Website and social media: informing you about all the latest AFA initiatives
Work with your club to promote the FA Respect Programme

Congratulations to Immingham Pilgrims – 2018/19 Futsal Europa League Champions

Team P W D L F A Diff Pts Form

Immingham Pilgrims (pf)










FC Synerjy U11
Real FC Synerjy U12z 14 9 1 4 55 39 16 28 DWLWLWWW
Nor-Laite sn 14 7 3 4 77 45 32 24 LLWWWDDW
Lounge 2 U12z 14 5 0 9 41 61 -20 15 LLLLLWLW
Healing Hotspurs Blues U11 (DJ) 14 4 2 8 44 58 -14 14 LWDLLLDL
Keelby United U11z 14 3 3 8 38 66 -28 12 WWLLDWLL
Discoveries All-stars U11z 14 1 3 10 23 75 -52 6 DLWDLLLL
Immingham Pilgrims (pf)

Most goals scored

Most Wins

Best Goal Difference

 Immingham Pilgrims (pf) & FC Synerjy U11

 Least defeats

FC Synerjy U11

Least goals conceded

Affiliating your team and the cost involved – September 1st 2019

Linx Futsal

Looks complicated, but less so than it reads. There are many advantages to being ‘affiliated’. A competition that requires you to be affiliated will in turn be affiliated to their County FA. Meaning they have rules and governance that has been read and passed by County FA. Any discipline or appeal procedure automatically has a procedure to follow. My experience is that FA Insurance is far cheaper than insurance I can find elsewhere. The FA and County FA’s run competitions, as an affiliated team you can join those competitions. Access to buying England tickets, cheaper coaching courses, the advantages are multiple.


Details to affiliate a team to Lincolnshire County FA – As at 1st September 2019

  • Cost to affiliate a Junior Club side – £20.00
  • Cost of Public Liability Insurance for above £12.00*
  • Team does need extra PLI if they already have club PLI
  • Cost to affiliate a ‘Junior Stand Alone’ team? £20.00
  • Cost of Public Liability for above £12.00*
  • Cost to affiliate a ‘Senior Club’ team? £20.00
  • Cost of PLI for above? £12.00*
  • Cost to affiliate a Senior ‘Stand Alone’ team £20.00
  • Cost of PLI for above? £12.00*
  • * Public Liability is optional. Public Liability will cover you for such claims as ‘putting a ball through a window’ or ‘breaking a spectators glasses’. It does not cover personal injury, that is a separate insurance teams/players need to discuss privately with LFA or a private insurer.
  • If your team is, for instance, part of Discoveries Club you will already have PLI policy, meaning team not need to buy it a second time. If you are a group of mates and not part of a club, a standalone team, you will need to make a PLI decision. Buy or not to buy.



For further advice either contact me at or 07980286663 or the Lincolnshire Football association at 08449670708