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New Thursday u17 League
TeamPWDLFADiff Pts Form
Under the Radar11003123W
Healing Hotspurs CATCH Sk10105501D
Toto FC10105501D
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Thu 16th of May 2019Healing Hotspurs CATCH Sk5V5Toto FC
Player of the Match: Player of the Match: Healing - #1
Thu 16th of May 20199-Fivers1V3Under the Radar
Player of the Match: Player of the Match: UTR's Bonner
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DateTimeVenueMain Referee Second Referee TeamVTeamNotes
Thu 23rd of May 20196:00 PMYMCA Drew J (LFA Futsal Referee)Under the RadarVToto FC 
Thu 23rd of May 20197:45 PMYMCA Drew J (LFA Futsal Referee)9-FiversVHealing Hotspurs CATCH Sk 
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Healing Hotspurs CATCH SkVUnder the Radar 
Toto FCV9-Fivers 
Under the RadarVHealing Hotspurs CATCH Sk 
9-FiversVToto FC 
Toto FCVUnder the Radar 
Healing Hotspurs CATCH SkV9-Fivers 
Under the RadarV9-Fivers 
Toto FCVHealing Hotspurs CATCH Sk 
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Thursday u17 League

Afternoon everyone, as you will gather league is at a difficult position, Grimsby Diamonds have moved into Premier League and Clee AFC have dropped out till first week in June due to school exams. I did not appreciate until told this week that the lads are being called back to school for extra tuition which coincides with our Thursday matches.

That leaves 4 teams, I’m happy to run a 4 team league with an increased £75 voucher to winners if remaining teams are in support.

Following match rules to apply:

1.       Matches time increased to 18 minute halves

Teams play each other 3 times

2.       Team allowed 1 time out during match*

3.       A team 4 goals down can bring on a 5th player**

4.       A team 6 goals down can bring on a 6th player**

*Team must be in possession and ball out of play to call a timeout

**Rule applies in opposite direction, if a team in ‘3’ goes from 4 goals down to 3 down a player must be removed.

Fingers crossed remaining teams will support this mini tournament; work on the positive fixtures will be on web one hour.

Thanks for you anticipated continued support.

Kevin Bryant


01472 235704