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About me and my connections to the origins of Uk Futsal – Kevin Bryant

I was recently asked to share my knowledge of the early days of English futsal. For those not so young S America, with few exceptions dominated World football. The picture was different in those days, Brazilians played and lived in Brazil, they put country before club. Now it seems every top european club has a Brazilian playmaker wearing the coveted Pele number 10 shirt. Futsal dominated South America but misguided BBC sport would tell us these players learnt the trade on the beaches, a huge lie that continued year after year. When I set out meeting S.American coaches and students I had no idea the social impact futsal was having in S.America or that countries as diverse as Iran and Russia was huge at futsal.

I imported a futsal ball (1998) and introduced futsal to St Martin’s School, the first UK school to train futsal. It took a further ten years before I could buy a ball in the UK. Previously I had met many South American coaches in an endeavour to discover why they were so successful at football compared, at that time, to the Home Nations countries. Without fail, everyone I meet extolled virtue of futsal in the S.American culture. Excited I started my first adult futsal league; a league that continues to this day. Initial applications to ‘affiliate’ the leagues to the FA  were thwarted by the FA; as a consequence I picked up phone to FIFA to intervene.  Bizarrely for two years all Fifa emails came to me as FA had no one showing any interest to develop game. One such email offered, at a price, opportunity to bring Iran, then ranked fifth in World to England. I circulated email to limited number of futsal friends and as a consequence Tranmere Victoria Futsal Club played Iran over two nights in Chester! The FA was invited to watch. That intervention led to FIFA setting up a meeting between the handful of ‘futsal’ people in England; FIFA and the FA.  The meeting was held in the Hillsborough Leisure Centre Sheffield. A parallel tournament was held, Sheffield FC, Santos, Tranmere Victoria and four teams from Grimsby. As a result of that meeting a futsal development group was formed by the FA . I attended every meeting until such time the group was disbanded by FA when futsal become part of their FA’s official strategy.

DR Daniel Berdejo de
Co author my book Coaching Players in and Through Futsal

The achievements of Grimsby are mentioned in FA literature when outlining the progress of futsal.

Grimsby leagues have seen two players play futsal for England; one for Great Britain Universities; plus three referees and I have officiated at FA National Finals.  Grimsby referee Gavin Sartain (2010) was awarded the coveted FIFA badge. Grimsby’s Ben Mortlock has achieved 35 England caps and was England captain before injury interrupted his career.

I have refereed 2500+ futsal games, including an FA Futsal Cup semi final (2003).

2004 along with a partner I started the Futsal Premier League North & South Divisions. These leagues played for 3 seasons until superseded by the FA creating their own National League. Northern Champions Doncaster Deaf College became the only disability team to qualify for a UEFA Final when they qualified for 2006 UEFA Futsal Cup Play Offs.

When the FA (March 2008) started its own 3 conference futsal league (8 teams in each league); FC Grimsby was in the inaugural Northern section along with Sheffield FC who had also been in the Futsal Premier League previously.

Over the years I have brought several international coaches to UK to improve our learning curve.

In partnership with Daniel Berdejo-del-Fresno I have co-authored a book Coaching Children In & Through Futsal. The book aim is to highlight the trilogy between the player, the parent and the coach.

A précis of  twenty years promoting the world’s most played small sided game, a game the UK initially closed its doors to.

Kevin Bryant

Temperatures dropping to near zero does not stop u11s delivering futsal of the highest calibre…

Discoveries (red) Vs. Clee CommunityTemperatures dropping to near zero, not the best conditions to be refereeing futsal, but with a flask and a couple chocolate biscuits I set of to Novartis anticipating a long painful night.

Quite the contrary, I experienced one of the best night’s futsal ever. Usual referee John Mawer text me earlier I was in for some good futsal. The futsal from every team was better than good, it was excellent. The current under 10/11 players must be best we have ever had; certainly there has never been so much strength in depth.

Past years we did not use the ‘retreat rule’ as a consequence many managers allowed their keepers to throw the ball long in hope someone would head it on. Now they have to pass the ball out. Same with corners and kick-ins, past managers, I want use the word coaches, just had their players boot the ball high and long from any position. Not current coaches/managers, to a man their team pass; move and are creative.

Healing Blues 10 – Keelby 2

Don’t let score fool you; this game was not as one sided as score might suggest. Healings more clinical finishing had a lot to do with goal difference. .

Healing Red 2 Grimsby Borough 5

Borough had too many ‘creative ‘players for Healing to contain. Noticeable Borough created via using their keeper as a passing option, Healing restricted their options by not matching them.

Immingham 4 NTC 2

Immingham play at a pace that is no stop. Lose the ball they want it back, receive the ball and ‘where is next pass going.’ It’s full on but it works for team. NTC was under some self inflicted pressure by conceding too many free kicks.

Wybers 4 Immingham 6

The younger Wybers team  passed the ball with a style that would do credit to an Academy side. Unfortunately for Wybers  Immingham was ruthless in exploiting the counter attack.


Three very different Thursday night u15 games capped by a stunning goal from Cory Prime

Clee Reds 6 Grimsby Borough mw 3

Borough are going through a difficult patch, not having a designated keeper is not helping, that said they outfield group are not playing as well as I have seen them play. Clee Reds on other hand are improving week by week. A Three nil half time lead was reduced to 3-1 straight after break – was the fight back on the cards? Previous ‘reds’ may have capitulated, not current group who weathered the storm, regrouped to take a 6-1 lead; two late Borough goals flattered score line, but was needed earlier to cause damage.

That Cory goal, close to halfway line near to touchline he appeared to making a tackle, the power and timing in the tackle put the ball in the far top corner of the Boro net. Keeper not moving. Some goal.

Galacticos 14 Clee Blues 5

Galacticos are playing some ‘proper’ futsal; team can give anyone a game. Clee would never claim to be best, but what they can do is play with a smile every week; which in itself is a win. After a slow start Galacticos was 4-0 ahead; right up to 5-9 Clee was playing as well as I have seen them play, a late collapse spoilt score line in an entertaining match.

Laceby 3 All Stars 4

Title aspirants All Stars had bare five players whilst Laceby had to substitutes to call on. From the start All Stars was always behind, that is until they levelled to 3-3, the last two minutes was tense to say the least; Laceby smelled victory; All Stars was out on their feet; and yet somehow they mustered a goal. Blood; sweat and three points.

Think you can play futsal, want to play futsal – enter now!

Kevin Bryant 07980286663

Clee Argyle 2 Grimsby Diamonds 4. High calibre match, credit to both teams.

All eyes on the ball

Clee Argyle 2 Grimsby Diamonds 4. High calibre match, credit to both teams.

Thursday last week I was lucky to be in YMCA sports hall as Grimsby Diamonds kicked off vs, Clee Argyle. From the first minute I was engrossed in the contest. Both teams evenly matched; both teams playing at a level that was a credit to themselves and their coaches. Diamonds won the last League and as a consequence were marginal favourites going into this game. Not long into game Argyle had opened up a 2-0 lead. It was going to take some initiative by Diamonds to rectify the situation. Goal by goal they clawed back to 2-2 and then, as only true champions can, they finished game out to a 4-2 win. Only after their fourth goal and and with clock running out of time was Diamonds over the line.

First 15 minutes takes its toll

Both keepers was exceptional, Ronnie Leskevich for Clee was a traditional style futsal keeper, Sajid Ali was more David De Gea; either way a save is a save.

Dom Carver – Mill scored, for me, the goal of the game, a perfectly placed volley that gave Leskevich no chance. The volley was perfect, in fact better than perfect because it was off his weaker foot.

Diamonds first futsal game was a 17-1 loss; four years later they are a challenge to any team.

Teams lined up as:

Grimsby Diamonds

Clee Argyle

Sajid Ali

Adam Elliott

Kieron Lock (2)

Dom Carver-Mill (1)

Lewis Dixon

Josh Greenfield

Dan Mason

Aaron Lewis (1)

Ronnie Leskevich

Jack Bratton

Joel Cottingham (1)

Josh Kirk (1)

George Dixon

Robbie Cassidy

Daniel Marshall

Great to get such posative feedback. Well done Thursday u13 teams.

Hi Kevin.
Noticed we don’t have a game this week. If you have a spare slot anywhere we’d love a friendly.

I’ve really been impressed with the new ref over the last few weeks (don’t agree with every decision but I think he has been fair and completely controls the game).

The level of play has also been improving rapidly. One of the goals we conceded to Dragons was fantastic futsal and the second one we conceded to Sydney was the best individual goal I’ve seen all season.

Also watched the Wybers game and thought it was fantastic to see some youngsters stepping up a level, playing the bigger lads, using their speed and agility to the max and most of all smiling when they did it.

Just a little feedback from a dad who loves the chance to see kids express themselves.


Diamonds continue to glitter as they retain under 17s league title & £75 Football Stuff voucher

Gy Diamonds

Grimsby Diamonds scored 82 goals and conceded just 37, recording the best offence and best defence in league.

Having watched team develop past seasons I can confirm they are a formidable unit.

Cleethorpes Town teams took next three places with just six points separating the teams.

Futsal is noted for higher scoring matches than grass football, Healing played fourteen games and managed to record a zero goal difference. Some achievement in itself.

Standard of league has improved every week; which is a testament to all teams playing.

A new league starts immediately, league has spaces for a couple new teams. If you have a group of friends or play for a club team that is up for the challenge make that contact call.

To enter     07980286663



Grimsby Diamonds

14 12 1 1 82 37 45 37 WLWWWWDWWWWW
Clee AFC Argyl 14 9 1 4 50 52 -2 28 WDWWWWWLLLWL
Clee Town’ Argyle 14 8 1 5 68 45 23 25 WLLWDWWWWWWL
Clee Town Madrid 14 7 1 6 50 30 20 22 WLWWLLDWLLWW
Healing Hotspurs CATCH Sk 14 5 3 6 52 52 0 18 DWWLLDWWLLLD
Under the Radar 14 5 0 9 36 54 -18 15 WWLWWLLLLLLW
Discoveries Rangers 14 3 1 10 28 69 -41 10 LLLLLLLLLWWL
Toto FC 14 2 2 10 29 56 -27 8 LLLDLDLLWLLL


Me2 take 2018 Premier League Title with 100% record after an exhausting season. League prize a £75 Football Stuff voucher.


Winning the Premier is a minute by minute task, such is the competitiveness of every team.

Me2 have played futsal for ten years to get to pinnacle of league. Me2 are masters of the defence art, if team concedes a goal it is taken personally. That said the defence is the teams springboard to attack. Me2 counter attack with devilish speed and accuracy.

Can they retain title, the competition will be tough, Franklin College and Payzone will be snapping at their heels from day one.

Word about bottom placed Lions. Lions gave everyone a close game, only in last couple matches did they concede heavily. The youngest team in league looked future champions in making. Only in last couple games did they concede heavily. The fact that the bottom team could include players that have played National League level tells you how competitive league is.

Want to join the other 60 million people playing futsal? Make that call 07980 286663 or email  If you love football you will love futsal even more.


Me2 All Stars

10 10 0 0 74 38 36 30 WWWWWWWWWW
Franklin College 10 7 0 3 94 74 20 21 WWWWLWLLWW
Payzone 10 6 1 3 84 53 31 19 LWWLWWDWLW
Bradley FC 10 3 0 7 48 70 -22 9 LLLWLLLWWL
Ymca Corinthians 10 2 2 6 53 78 -25 8 WLLLWDDLLL
Lions FC 10 0 1 9 51 91 -40 1 LLLLLLLDLL