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Great testimonial from NTC Juniors ‘the benefits of playing futsal’.

NTC u11s 2018

We (NTC) have loved this season of playing futsal. We feel that futsal promotes better technique for our players and develops their skills more rapidly due to a lot more time on the ball. Their decision making and executions are improving massively since playing the game. If you are serious about the quality of the time you spend playing or watching futsal games, then you will definitely see a rapid improvement in performances. Futsal has not only brought us on as a 5 a side team but also as a football team in Sunday league. Our players are a lot more confident on the ball and their movement that they have taken from Futsal and implied it to the football game is brilliant! As a manager, I am pleased we entered the Futsal league and will definitely be staying in it for a long time!!

Callum Ely (NTC Manager)

Your one call away from playing: Kevin Bryant 07980286663


For your information teams play from age under 9 through to seniors.

Watch this space for younger age groups that are due to start shortly.

One of the great things about futsal is that it has a career pathway via GTFC Futsal Scholarship. Players are leaving GFL aged 17 and joining the Scholarship and then moving onto our top Universities to study and continue playing futsal under stewardship of highly qualified coaching staff. Three are currently at Loughborough. This year GTFC has extended its course and tied in with Cardiff University so that players can study and work at home for their degree, removing the cost of university lodging etc.

As well as opening up long term opportunities futsal was shown in a 2017 UEFA study to be a better training tool to play football than traditional methods. The study showed that players brought up on a small futsal court were quicker and better passers than the traditional players. The UEFA study is attached.

Futsal is a win win situation.

Want to play, just make contact and you will be made welcome as part of this great game.

Kevin Bryant
Grimsby Futsal League

The Sun Newspaper Prints Perfect Precis of Laws for Futsal

  • Ronaldinho and Paul Scholes playing in Indian Premier League

    A futsal ball is a size below a normal football, while it also has 30 per cent less bounce.

  • Games are formed of two 20-minute halves, with time stopping at every dead ball.
  • Each team is allowed to use one timeout each period, which last one minute.
  • Each side begins with five players on the pitch, with one as a goalkeeper.
  • A maximum of 12 players per team can be used, with substitutions unlimited and does not require a stoppage.
  • Direct free kicks are counted as accumulated fouls, with teams warned by the referee when they reach five per half.
  • Yellow and red cards are still handed out, just like in the grass version.
  • Futsal has two penalty spots, one at 10 metres and the other in the goalkeeper’s area at 6m.
  • A kick from the 10m spot is awarded when a team commits six or more accumulated fouls. All opponents must be behind the ball, while the goalkeeper has to be at least 5m away.
  • A penalty kick from the 6m spot is taken when a player is fouled in the goalkeeper’s area.
  • When a goalkeeper has the ball, he must get rid of it within four seconds, or concede an indirect free-kick.
  • Once the goalkeeper has released the ball, it needs to go out of play or be touched by an opponent before he can receive it once again.
  • Goalkeeper can play as normal in the opponent’s half.
  • Instead of the normal throw-in in regular football, futsal has a kick-in.
  • In all matches, one referee is positioned near the timekeeper table and another is on the opposite side.
  • For international games, there is a timekeeper and a third referee that controls the team benches.


Junior leagues and shorter matches may adapt the foul count and tweak other laws to suit teams and conditions

GFL Under 16/17 League restarts Thursday 13th. There is still time for your team to join – make that call now 07980286663

Thu 13th of September 2018 6:15 PM YMCA Clee AFC Argyl V Healing Hotspurs CATCH Sk
Thu 13th of September 2018 6:50 PM YMCA Clee Town Argyle V Grimsby Diamonds
Thu 13th of September 2018 7:30 PM YMCA Below the Radar FC V Clee Town Madrid
Thu 13th of September 2018 8:00 PM YMCA Discoveries Rangers V Below the Radar FC

Plus 50 and want to stay fit and lose weight (hopefully)? Come and join Corinthians at Bradley Sports Center – Every TUESDAY 11 a.m.

Grimsby Corinthians 2018 training session

Grimsby Corinthians welcome any player 50+ who wants to play competitive or non competitive football in a friendly welcoming environment. Times team is picked specifically with intention to win. Corinthians are currently Lincs FA County Champions and in the East Riding County FA they are league winners with games in hand. All sounds very good but just like all football you are only at top for as long as it takes for more capable opposition to overtake you.

Corinthians also value that many just want to pay and play, that’s fine we have space to accommodate you too. Corinthians value all walking football compatriots, we are all so lucky to be kicking a ball at an age we thought was beyond us. Join us in our second youth.

Win or lose we will all yarn football afterwards with a coffee in hand.

Kevin Bryant (Vice Chairman Grimsby Corinthians)


Very important FA document Laws FA Mini Football & Futsal, updated September 1st 2018 restart

The brochure can be downloaded by clicking here.

There appears to be an error on the futsal back pass rule. The brochure states that back passes are not allowed in a game of futsal. There are several circumstances a back pass is allowed.

Interesting Power Play rule has been introduced to mini football but not as yet, futsal. Power Play allows team losing by 4 goals to add an extra player. If deficit is lowered to 3 then a designated player leaves pitch for losing team.

Countdown to new season has started

Faces tell a story

Managers, players, GFL (Grimsby Futsal League) restarts September. Fixtures will start going onto this web site end of the week. Please be ready to play.

New innovative younger age groups will commence too.
U5/6z Argentinian Street Football 3 vs. 3
U7/8z Spanish Junior Football 4 vs.4


Watch this space for more innovative plans.

New teams are welcome 07980 286663 or