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Two great Head to Head matches played this week – Get those Pokemon entries in fast / LFA has asked ‘Leagues’ to suspend grass fixtures to accommodate your entry

Monday the Under 12’s Champions League top two clashed with Seven Seas delivering a knockout 5-0 blow to Wybers. When top teams compete the differences can be blurred by fine margins.

Seas kept great shape throughout, everyone had a role to play and everyone understood that role. As a consequence Wybers found it difficult to break the Seas defensive barrier with opportunities limited. On break Seas was more critical, always able to add a third attacker to create that little bit of mayhem that defenders struggle to cope with.

Second on it was Under 16s champions Galacticos vs. runners up Discoveries Flyers. This time the ‘nearly’ team stunned their opposition by winning 7-4.

Galacticos started slow conceding two goals with opening minutes. Galacticos then pressed and had a great spell with the ball, only to find themselves in greater arrears. Flyer’s soaked up the pressure and then was clinical on the counter attack.

Like Sea’s in previous game they kept great shape throughout and common to both winning teams they had a keeper in form when those ‘needs must’ moments arrived.

Two excellent games, four excellent teams.

NOTE: Under 16 & 14 FA Futsal Youth Cup

The LFA has requested Leagues move fixtures to allow teams chance to compete. Full details are on LFA website. Need affiliation help please contact me soon as possible.


U14 and U16 boys qualifying rounds are set to take place on Sunday 1 December at Grantham  The two qualifying competitions get underway at differing times, with U14 qualifying beginning at 9am and running until 12:30pm. Meanwhile, the U16 competition kicks off shortly after at 1pm until approximately 4:30pm.

Entry into the competition will cost £20.00 per team, with competing teams expected to be affiliated to Lincolnshire FA and a Futsal Affiliation Number to be supplied.

The local qualifying round of the competition acts as the first round of the Futsal Cup, and should teams progress, they could potentially find themselves playing in the Regional Finals, Semi-Finals and also a Finals Day event at St George’s Park in May.

To enter a team into either the U14 or U16 boys competition, then please follow the relevant link below and complete the form in full. Spaces for the local rounds of the competition will be filled on a first come, first served basis.




A Parent; Coach; Trilogy can benefit everyone…

What did he do that was different?

For a start he included the parents in his team talk.

Makes sense; if the parents don’t buy into your plans how you can expect the players to? These by the way are 13 year old players, but same would apply any age.

If when your protégés has the ball it matters that the parent coach are on same page. How many times have I had a parent call his player over at a training session to tell his lad to do something I would not approve of, many times that parent was giving wrong information.

The coach/player and parent are a trilogy; it takes all three to get a player to an elite level. The parents that get their protégés to the top will not hesitate to move to the next best coach, no matter how far and inconvenient the travel.

The next best coach means just that, it does not mean to a team that is top of the league, that coach may be a win at all cost type of guy. The one who charms with promises to recruit best players, knowing at same time who is leaving team at new player’s expense.

Who would be a referee? Are we sane?

Had a week when my thoughts have drifted to ‘why bother’. All through the junior leagues I have little or no bother refereeing. It’s the plus 18 that lads I have watched, some age nine, have become unpleasant to referee. Where does this know all attitudes coming from?

Wednesday night one lad twice kicked the ball away because he did not agree with a referee decision. Two yellow cards make a straight red. No referee wants to go down that route so why push the referee into that position. The player got himself sent off. Did he see that way, of course not.

Law 15 is the ball into play Law. The Law states an opposition player cannot be within five meters of the person taking the kick in. Nowhere in that law does it say the person taking the kick-in has to ask for opposition to drop five meters. I get player after player, all for some strange reason, aged 17 – 20 who assures me they know otherwise and I am wrong. According to the laws I have bothered to read and, re-read, I am right. Do they apologise, don’t hold your breath.

I’m worried that there is a generation of players who get more from football by lambasting the referee than the game itself. So many times the referee faces a no win situation, every player appealing for every push shove or ball out of play to go his teams way. Both teams appeal, referee is left with no option but to please one team and not the other.

I accept I come from a different generation, what was an okay tackle in the 60’s is pulled up today. What was different was the team captains, being captain you had to be an okay player, more than that he, (no ladies games back then), was a stalwart of the community. A solicitor, company director, engineer, doctor, someone as a player I looked up to and respected. That’s the whole point of being a captain/manager you set the tone the example.

Roll on Rugby World Cup Final. Thirty men knocking seven bells out of each other but still managing to respect the referee at the same time. They know as we all know without that referee there is no game.

If you don’t want to respect the referees then at least read the Laws and respect them. Standing five meters from a kick-in is not rocket science.

Taking pictures at matches, it’s not straight forward

Think before you press the camera button, have you asked both managers permission? Have you asked the referee?

There are many reasons a parent may not want even a team photo taken, I was asked recently to remove pictures I had been given permission to take. A player had fallen out with his then team and just did not wish to be seen with them.

The FA is best people to consult for guidance, click here to download their guide.


Goal of century at YMCA – u9s grasping futsal in record time – streets with no cars

Another great week of futsal, thanks everyone.

Highlight of the week was a goal in the ‘oldies’ Wednesday night futsal session at YMCA. Occasionally I make the numbers, defying my aging limitations and commonsense. The ball was passed to me in goal, can’t pick the ball up, two opposition players sense my vulnerability. Panic aligned to a bit quick thinking, I have to say it no one else will, I flicked the ball into the air to a teammate who I knew had skill to volley ball clear. More than volley the ball he put the ball in the far goal top corner. From one end of YMCA to other in blink of an eye. Everyone stopped and applauded said player. Up there with best goals I have ever seen and I assisted!

Thanks to new under nines teams who are grasping the concepts of futsal in record quick time. It happens sometimes that a team wins by a large margin, the losing manager then has to step and cajole his team. The losing manager is one I look out for; ‘does he need assistance’, so far managers have been excellent too.

Parents are usually less stressful in futsal than football. One they don’t understand laws fully so are less inclined to criticise, other is ball is always moving quickly end to end. There just isn’t time to have your two penneth of coaching your protégé.

Monday under 11’s are class of their own; I have players seeking to join and can’t help because every team is populated. Why didn’t we have futsal when I was 11? That said we did have ‘street soccer’; yes we played in the street. Imagine your street with not one car parked, that was how it was 1950’s. Cars have stolen children’s’ habitat.

Wednesday night I dread, I have to get a Corinthians team out to play in Senior League. Small league and Corinthians on their day can be competitive, but not very often. This week I was optimistic, team sorted night before, I slept well. By noon next day I had lost three of my five to excuses so week they was pointless. Team lost again.

Kev Bryant