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Elation to Despair in space of Two Games

Lions team that destroyed Corinthians. Lions are in their new kit purchased with vouchers from winning Monday ‘B’ League

Last week I left YMCA elated that YMCA Corinthians had beaten Payzone by two clear goals after being 3-0 behind at half time. This week no such glories, just a horrible deflated feeling after crashing to Lions. With a starting line up that included 4 of last weeks heroes I was secure in knowledge that at least team would be competitive. That said I was aware Lions had brought in Callum De-Gruchy, Loughborough University star used to playing in FA Super League matches. Then again Lions goalkeeper was not playing so maybe that should equal things out? How wrong could I be, Lions started on fire, Corinthians was on the back foot, five minutes in matters got worse as we lost Josh Carver-Mill to injury. Damage limitation was all I could hope for, and we did not do that to well. But, credit to team we did get a consolation goal. Final score? Please its about participating not the score.

Back to the drawing board.

Ps: I should have mentioned this was best Lions team performance I have seen in the many years I have known them. It was futsal at its very best.

Kev Bryant

YMCA Corinthians mentally destroyed manager

First ever The FA Level 2 in Coaching Futsal course in Lincolnshire

LFA‘This is Lincolnshire FA’s first ever FA Level 2 in Coaching Futsal and is the highest qualification you can gain in futsal at a local level. The course builds on from the skills that you’ll have learnt in your Futsal Level 1 course and focusses in more depth on the three areas within the England DNA: In Possession, Out of Possession & Transition. The FA Level 2 in Coaching Futsal can support you as a coach to develop your players with differing techniques that will support their development and growth as a ‘traditional’ football player. It will also give you some great ideas for winter training provision should you have to train indoors!

The course starts in August 2018 and finishes a month later in September. The link below will provide you with the finer details, what to expect throughout the course and how to book your place; – Futsal Level 2.

This is a great opportunity for you to complete your Futsal learning (at a local level at least), whilst, also being in the first cohort to ever complete this qualification within the county’.

Kind regards,

Chris Funnell | Football Development Officer

Lincolnshire Football Association LTD (Registered in England & Wales)
Company Registration Number 3762658
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Tel: 0844 9670708 ext 111 | 07535 402903

‘Lincolnshire Football Association are committed to equality, ensuring football is accessible and available to all’

Na Night take Thursday u17 title with room to spare

Na Night 2018 Under 17 Futsal League Champion



Na Night was undefeated; scored 100 plus goals and secured a 70 goal difference to illustrate team was firing on all cylinders at both ends of the pitch.

Healing proved Na Night was not invincible with a 7-7 draw.

Na Night 18 17 1 0 106 36 70 52 WWDWWWWW
Grimsby Diamonds 18 12 2 4 118 57 61 38 DLLDWWWW
No Bait 18 11 1 6 103 80 23 34 DLLWLLWW
FC Discoveries Argyle 18 9 3 6 100 82 18 30 LDDWWWWL
Clee Town u15 18 7 3 8 79 80 -1 24 WLWDWWLL
Healing Hotspur Endotec 18 7 2 9 73 84 -11 23 WWDWLDWL
AFC Gt. Coates 18 6 4 8 85 105 -20 22 DDWLLWLL
Gt. Coates Futsala 18 5 3 10 78 86 -8 18 DWLDLLWL
Discovery’s Argyle 18 4 1 13 65 122 -57 13 LDLWWLLL
Dan Snowden 18 2 0 16 45 120 -75 6 WLWLLLLL