Update Thursday 4th September. Second Avenue Leagues. All other leagues commence Monday 8th September.

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As always August has proved an impossible month to get anything done. As most of you will know the Second Avenue venue has changed ownership back to NELC. Meaning all the legal work has to be re-done, being August all the persons involved have been on holiday at different times during month. We are all back Monday and meeting at venue to start process with a site visit, aware that youths have damaged court during break.

The junior leagues have most teams up and ready to go, extra week off will help teams with players still on holiday. Problem we will hit is Gradely and Intermediate Leagues arranging mid week games without consulting me if they conflict with futsal leagues. The LFA has invited GFL to join a quarterly networking meeting at Bradley Stadium which should be a big assist to alleviating these cross over problems.
Some county FA’s already have in place local agreements where ‘affiliated’ leagues agree procedures that protect interests of each other, an example being Gainsborough Saturday and Sunday Leagues have set mid week day each can play friendly or re arranged matches.
Lots more happening that will become clearer by end of this, my first week back at the desk after a lengthy holiday (one well earned from my perspective).

Kevin Bryant Contact: 07980 286663

Update Monday 1st September:

Meet with Council at 2nd Avenue pitch, more damage has been caused by youths past 14 days’, Council waiting on quotes to repair. If allowed to repair myself, could be looking at playing next week, a suggestion I have only put to Council today. NELC have no timetable as there is added complication of finding money to pay for same repairs. Things changing daily so keep checking web for updates. There is also alternative of moving leagues temporarily to Novartis or Kent Street venues, smaller pitches, but better than none at all.

Update Thursday 4th September:

Spoke again with NELC, they are still waiting quotes from preferred suppliers (meaning they can only use certain companies checked out by themselves). Slow process. Working on playing games at other venues whilst situation resolved, not good but better than not playing at all.

Plans for new futsal specific indoor arena unveiled at YMCA today. Plans are for a complete redevelopment of current site. Will be a massive boost for local game, with opportunities to introduce coaching and referee courses to compliment leagues. Sufficient seating is planned to meet FA requirements for a Grimsby team to re-enter FA National League. Positive news to report at last.