Kev Bryant close of play blog; or rather August break.

fUTSAL GRAFFITIAugust is always an impossible time to try organising the leagues, so many holidays and other distractions. Over years I have learnt that it’s best just to take a break, from a selfish point of few it helps me, and my better half is a school teacher meaning we have to holiday August.

Things have not stopped completely; Second Avenue court is under new ownership with all that entails, from conversations the court will be better looked after than in past when maintenance was nonexistent! Where did all my payments go, into a black hole?

New courts at Kent Street should come on line to use September, just need minimal work to make them safe for use.  Novartis & Second Avenue take note, neither pitch at Kent Street has surface sand, so much better to play on.

If we can return September 1st with better cleaner courts it will best for everyone, sliding on sand or trying to referee when you can’t see line properly is no fun.

Enjoy break and thanks for your support.

Kevin Bryant