Wednesday Premier League teams deliver a futsal fiesta with big 3 – Franklin; Bradley & Me2 taking maximum points

Bradley 7 Corinthians 6

Dave Smith MOM with finishes that would not be out of place in Premier League. Corinthians was on back foot whenever he had the ball. Had Corinthians finishing been on same level they would have won game. Rattling the post is not same as the ball in the back of net.

Just one foul in forty minute match.

Near missFranklin 10 Payzone 4

What a game. Early stages I could only see Payzone winning, their use of Flyer keeper was causing Franklin major problems.

After a rocky start and twice being a goal behind Franklin showed real class in getting a goal in front and strangling the game.

Both keepers were exceptional whilst the outfield play was at a level you would not expect to see in a small YMCA sports hall.

Me Two 22 AJ’s Barmy Army 3

Scintillating performance from Me2 with their well drilled and practised fast pace cross pitch passing attack! AJ’s were resilient and kept trying but need to learn possession and defensive line-up are key elements to good Futsal especially against a predatory Me2 team.

AJ’s lead 2-1 after five minutes, Me2 barrage of goals came close to the end.

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