Final call U10 & U11 teams to join Grimsby Junior Futsal League – 17! teams entered already – Please share

Will futsal benefit your players to play grass football, yes, UEFA studies show a clear link between futsal and elite world class footballers.

The game offers everything a coach would seek to coach. With just 4 outfield players they have done succeed or fail by their efforts to pass and move, to man mark, to create space for themselves and the team, to dribble and to defend. All this in a tactical framework. Sounds a lot but is how 90% of youngsters train in Spain and South America, Russia – Iran. Think of a country and they play futsal.

Match fee is £15 per game. No goals to put up, no balls to supply, 99% of our matches have a qualified referee. Teams are presently split into two divisions; Champions League and Europe League.

Most importantly Futsal is Fun.

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