Thursday games was played on a bitterly cold night, but players brushed that aside to produce three entertaining matches.

Thursday morning was continuous rain with high winds and I was getting phone calls that Novartis pitch was holding water. A decision was made to check the pitch and weather forecast at 1 p.m. The forecast was bizarre; from 5 p.m. onwards, winds would drop and no rain. Was I looking at Grimsby in another country?



Clee Red 1-14 Seven Seas

Clee Community Reds
November 2018

Newcomers Clee Community Reds vs. Seven Seas. Seas might be young but they are experienced. Most will have played 100+ games of futsal before hitting teens. Seas won 14-1 but score does not tell full story; Reds for first ten minutes matched Seas player for player and was moving the ball with some expertise. Seas experience told when they were attacking; their finishing was on another level. Blues will only learn the techniques of futsal scoring by playing more games.

Seas and Clee leave field for a half time team talk
November 2018

Clee Blue 2-9 Red Devil’s 

Clee Blues had mighty task of taming Red Devils, newcomers to league who have set off like a runaway train. The Devil’s have challenged the league with some great play; Blues to their credit took the game to Devil’s and scored couple themselves.

Healing 11-3 Sydney Park 

Healing moved the ball with speed and a purpose Sydney struggled to cope with. Sydney moved players around but outcome was same. For Sydney not having a substitute player took its toll as the five on court got no respite.


The scores point to a one sided night, from the touchline it was not that way. Every team had an outstanding moment; every team had a player that did something special. Winning is great, but development is equally important. Not all teams start at same base point.