SHEFFIELD FC FUTSAL COACHING SEMINAR: If you can make this event do so; You will Learn more in a day than you may have learnt in previous 12 months

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After more than 9-10 months working behind the scenes, very proud and happy to announce my come back to Sheffield FC – The World’s First Football Club as a new Head of Futsal Philosophy & Coaching Methodology. Sheffield FC – The World’s First Football Club was the club that gave me the first opportunity to be a Head Coach back in 2012. I spent 2 season with them, probably the seasons where I enjoyed coaching. Together we achieved things that we never thought we would when I signed for them. All this possible to the new partnership established between Sheffield FC – The World’s First Football Club and Bay Area Futsal Club.

Daniel Berdejo-del-Fresno

As part of this new partnership, I am also very happy to announce that we have put together a Futsal Coaching Seminar in the City of the Steel on the 6th January 2019. Do not miss out this great opportunity to learn futsal. I am very looking forward to meeting good friends and visit a very nice city that it is on my heart. More info about registration below: