NTC II 4 Healing Seniors 2 (Half time NTC 3 Healing 0)

How was the score not 3-0 to Healing at the break?  They had more shots on goal, created more chances had more possession.

The reason was because NTC were futsal savvy, they saved energy by defending deep as a group. Risky tactically but not if you have a keeper at top of their game. Drawing the opposition forward then gives you a base to counter attack at speed. Counter attacking at speed in futsal can be lethal, more so when you’re have experienced players who know from the moment they win the ball just where each needs to move to draw the keeper out and leave them a tap-in finish.

70% of futsal goals are scored inside of the penalty area, the majority of those scored from back post tap-ins.

When Healing add futsal tactics’ to their undoubted individual ability their goal scoring will rocket.

For all ages getting beat is a price you pay on the journey to improve.

Special mention Callum Ely in the NTC goal – outstanding performance.