Grimsby Borough SL excel in new format u12/13 Handicap Tournament

Borough SL 5 Healing 6

Borough did not make a great start arriving with just four players. Healing sportingly agreed to play match 4 vs. 4. Still an advantage as they had two subs to utilise.

These games often follow a pattern; the four do very well until the extra energy of the six takes control of the match.

Size wise this was a little (Boro’) and large contest. Healing scored first but followed did not go to plan. Boro’ equalised took lead, and then lost a goal. 2-2 at break.

Borough was playing skilful futsal, clever passing, creative movement, from goal keeper to the forwards, no one was missed out. A pleasure to referee.

Boro’ kept going second half to lead 3-2; 4-2 and 5-4. Boro’s energy tank was trained but still they got back to 5-5 only for Healing to score with games last kick.

Borough won thanks to handicap system.

Great game.

YMCA Galacticos 2016

Galacticos 6 Warriors 2

With a very strong squad and extra players on bench this game was always going to be a challenge for Warriors.

Warriors kicked off with a 2-0 handicap advantage. Well organised in defence they defended well to the break, going in a goal down but still ahead on handicap.

Galacticos stepped up a level in the second half, played some great stuff taking control of the game.  A Warriors goal to take score to 2-1 gave them hope, but not for long, as excellent Galacticos opened a 6-1 gap before an excellent individual goal by Warriors closed game.