Clee Sporting U12z – The story so far…

Clee Sports u12z
2020 Season

Second futsal season together. When we put these 6 together I knew that that they all could offer something different and become a very good unit but I also knew it wouldn’t happen overnight as quite a few teams have played 3/4 futsal league seasons before we started.. First season we did well mixed results but could always see the progression each week. Now onto this season, I have felt like they’ve took this league by storm playing 13 winning 12 losing 1 scoring 91 conceding 21, more importantly some of the futsal they have played has been absolutely wonderful to watch and even better when they conduct themselves in such a good way. As a coach and parent I cannot wait for next season to continue watching these kids do what they do best with a smile on their faces

Thank you Grimsby junior futsal league for giving all the boys and girls the opportunity to learn this game in a fun, safe environment