FC Grimsby next game Sunday May 4th vs. league leaders Tranmere Victoria, Match Off

The game was at the Northwich Leisure Centre, Chester; 1:50 kick off.  The team and transport needed to be organised Friday at latest, no last minute problems was requested.

Regrettably the match has been cancelled at short notice by myself on behalf of FC Grimsby, it seems we can get a half committed team but can’t organise transport. The team is now at the mercy of the league as to a fine and or our continued presence in the league.  Do we want a team in a National Futsal league? It would appear not. If FC Grimsby folds we can see our opportunity of playing at a National level dissolve.

To be  a club we need players, not a problem.

A Chairman, Kevin Bryant (acting as)

A Secretary, job open.

Treasurer, job open. 

A team manager/ assistant, job open. 

A comittee, we need more members with skills, fund raising, sponsorship etc.

A training venue plus organiser/coach, job open. 

There is real work to be done to create and fulfil the FC Grimsby fixtures, FC Grimsby has to be a accumulative effort of all the leagues teams. 

Are you willing or able to take on any of the tasks above? 

Kevin Bryant  07980 286663