THE LOAN RULE CLARIFICATION (if that is possible).


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The loan rule is simple; a team can use two loan players with the permission of the opposition manager.

The referee is uninvolved; his job is to mediate the game not be concerned if players are correctly signed.

The rule is in place to help teams that may have a player delayed on way to match or similar.


  • If a team has 5 starter players they do not need a loan player
  • If a team has 6 or 7 players and their opponents 5, it is their choice if they allow opposition 1 or 2 loan players to level teams.
  • As an example a team with 7 players is within its rights to insist a team with 4 players plays with just the 4 or they could allow opposition 1 loan player to make basic 5, or they could allow 2 loan players to make game 7vs.6.
  • If you think the opposition loan is as a ‘ringer,’ for want of a better word, opposition can insist he plays – but only as a keeper; or say sorry but….we will play you 4 vs. 4 to keep game alive, or insist game is played 5 vs.4.

Teams I manage always want a competitive match and we will help opponents in anyway we can, that said if opponents suddenly turn up with Beckham and Pele they are not playing – full stop.

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