Affiliating your team and the cost involved – September 1st 2019

Linx Futsal

Looks complicated, but less so than it reads. There are many advantages to being ‘affiliated’. A competition that requires you to be affiliated will in turn be affiliated to their County FA. Meaning they have rules and governance that has been read and passed by County FA. Any discipline or appeal procedure automatically has a procedure to follow. My experience is that FA Insurance is far cheaper than insurance I can find elsewhere. The FA and County FA’s run competitions, as an affiliated team you can join those competitions. Access to buying England tickets, cheaper coaching courses, the advantages are multiple.


Details to affiliate a team to Lincolnshire County FA – As at 1st September 2019

  • Cost to affiliate a Junior Club side – £20.00
  • Cost of Public Liability Insurance for above £12.00*
  • Team does need extra PLI if they already have club PLI
  • Cost to affiliate a ‘Junior Stand Alone’ team? £20.00
  • Cost of Public Liability for above £12.00*
  • Cost to affiliate a ‘Senior Club’ team? £20.00
  • Cost of PLI for above? £12.00*
  • Cost to affiliate a Senior ‘Stand Alone’ team £20.00
  • Cost of PLI for above? £12.00*
  • * Public Liability is optional. Public Liability will cover you for such claims as ‘putting a ball through a window’ or ‘breaking a spectators glasses’. It does not cover personal injury, that is a separate insurance teams/players need to discuss privately with LFA or a private insurer.
  • If your team is, for instance, part of Discoveries Club you will already have PLI policy, meaning team not need to buy it a second time. If you are a group of mates and not part of a club, a standalone team, you will need to make a PLI decision. Buy or not to buy.



For further advice either contact me at or 07980286663 or the Lincolnshire Football association at 08449670708