Kev Bryant news update. Radio interview, two big u16 teams crash, Discoveries Flyers represent County……

Radio interview first, got a surprise call from Radio Bolton, would I do an interview how futsal started in UK and where was game going. Having established it was not a Peter Kay wind up I agreed to call. Waiting for recording of broadcast to so that local people can be as bored as probably the Bolton people was at my controversial answers.

Questions such as:

  • How did UK futsal start and how fast had it caught on?

Leaving aside my own part in kick starting UK futsal, I explained how anyone starting futsal today would find a totally different picture to the blank canvass I started with.

  • When might England catch up on world’s best futsal teams?

Probably never, signs were just as with full sided team we are continually a step behind.

  • Whose fault is this?

The FA and other governing bodies have to accept responsibility. Since 1997 the FA has had  a ‘technical department’ that has failed to produce technical players.

And so the questions flowed for what seemed an hour, prepare to be bored.

Two results that got the phones ringing.  Under sixteen table leaders YMCA Spartans got themselves in early trouble against Dragons, trouble they could not get out of, eventually  losing by odd goal in 13 goal thriller; down at Novartis Grimsby Borough lost 2-1 to Warriors, John Mawer giving man of match to whole Warrior team. Borough was on the longest unbeaten run of any team, junior or senior.  But short of Magpies record of 44.

Waiting on full report, but credit to Discoveries Flyers who represented LFA in FA Regional Championships last week.  They played best teams from four other counties, a big step up to make in one weekend.  Lads did themselves proud, winning won and losing others by tightest of margins.

Teams getting better more they play, highlighted by under ten division two, league is split in two halves, experienced teams at top, new starter’s bottom half. Message in there somewhere, not hard to find.

Finally not futsal but cricket, took a school year four team I had coached to a 12 team cricket tournament, when we got there it was a year six tournament! Finished third!!