Kev Bryant Blog, Belgium international at 2nd Avenue; best gk display ever, 2 teams let league down, DM refs England under 18’s

Seniors futsal YMCA every Thursday. 07980 286663 for details

Seniors futsal YMCA every Thursday.
07980 286663 for details

Me2 All Stars new player I am told has played international futsal for Belgium, if that’s correct means 4 international players have played on our hallowed astro turf. Have had a word with venue on everyone’s behalf, was ashamed of the condition of the court and the general surroundings. Dirty smelly waste bin, weeds around perimeter, nets not fitting. Players sliding on sand that has never been swept since court installed. Disappointing.

Well done again to Dan Mawer, Dan’s getting some cracking referee appointments, this time it was the England under eighteen futsal trials.

Player of the Match: Connor GK of GY Lads  Single handedly the best goalkeeping performance I’ve seen since refereeing, reported referee/futsal goalkeeper/and avid GTFC fan Brad Milne. High praise indeed. The match was in new school year 7/8 league.

Yet again 2 teams let themselves and the league down. McDonald’s failed to turn a team out against J.West Futsal, worse no contact was made to let me or opponents know. Same with Bears R Us, mitigating for them is their age (under 13’s) even so with a parent in charge they should know better. Leagues stand or fall on the capacity of each individual team to arrive on time whatever the consequences thrown at them. 

Finally an observation from watching Baku vs.Sheffield. Baku being the UK’s only professional futsal team. Neither side once during match encroached within 5 meters nor at a kick in, corner or free kick. If top team plays this way we all should. Every tackle was timed perfectly, the defender pressuring the attacker and taking the ball by getting a toe or leg in front of the opponent. Tackle from behind was taboo. Defending was an art to Baku.