Grimsby futsal and its England connection

Ben Mortlock in white England kit

England game is absorbing most people’s minds, including mine, but mine has added complication of looking forward to Ym Corinthians play Franklin College on Thursday. My Corinthians are lower end of table, but capable of surprises. Title aspirants Franklin might just be in for one, we have a full squad out, energy to burn. Watch this space.

Match schedule  Thursday 5 June 5:30pm USA v Qatar 8pm England v Cyprus  Friday 6 June 5:30pm Cyprus v USA 8pm England v Qatar  Sunday 8 June 1pm Cyprus v Qatar 3:30pm England v USA

Ben in England action

How good is the Grimsby Senior League? The current crop of teams have played the games for years, they are for most part playing futsal that would give FA National League teams a run for their money. Referees will tell you they have refereed game after fantastic game. The fitness level is phenomenal. Tactics and individual skills are top class. Time after time we have had new teams join that have just not been able to match the challenge futsal offers.

Maybe nothing it, but interesting that Harry Clifton, GTFC’s break through player last season played Grimsby league futsal, most of continent plays futsal till late teens before splitting between futsal or football.. Charles Varnham, who Town loaned from Derby County played in league too.

For me my love of futsal is not that it prepares many for the professional game, but that many are now going to play at top universities, mostly assisted by the excellent GTFC Futsal scholarship, but not all. Others are taking a different route to university.

Joe Hutchinson

Grimsby league futsal is step one to who knows where ? ‘Peoples Bar’ team member Joe Hutchinson is working at St Georges for the FA as a performance analyst. Click of a mouse and he could unwittingly win World Cup.

‘Magpies’ Ben Mortlock studied sports science at Middlesbrough University eventually getting a Master Degree at Sheffield. He played futsal for both Universities whilst collecting 30+ caps as England’s futsal captain. Ben was last seen hugging England players after Columbian penalty shootout!

Life can be full of unlikely twists and turns, what futsal can guarantee is that you will reach peak fitness and be able to play football making great choices and thinking a second quicker than your footy trained opponent. Not my opinion a result from a UEFA financed study.

Back to my mental stress, will England deliver and Ymca Corinthians make it a double?

Kevin Bryant