Want to play futsal non competitive???

For the past 5+ years Wednesday 8 p.m. kick off has been a static feature of the futsal week.

The hour is for any senior player who wants to play but does not have time or want to play in a team.  Team numbers have varied from 5v5 to 9v9, depending on work shifts and college terms.

Individual ability levels can vary, that said almost every week ends with a high standard of play, a score no one knows because to this group the score is not important, the beauty and skill in getting the goals is more important to the group.

The group play with a futsal ball and a hybrid set of laws to suit the flexibility of the numbers.

Want to join the group?  Text me on 07980286663 and I’ll add you to their What’s App Group.

Must mention, ‘the game is often bisected at the pub afterwards’.