Just a thought for consideration as we get closer to Armistices day.

 We all take playing football for granted; that was not the case for my father and many many more like him.

My father flew over Germany 45 times as a Lancaster rear gunner, a post with a survival rate of just 30%, only the lucky ones survived as a rear gunner.

On one of the rare occasions he spoke of the war he told me how he envied me as teenager being able to play football.

His generation missed playing football so that I and a future generation could play.

We go to a bar to eat and relax, my father the same in the Officers Mess; difference was every time the door opened they counted to see who was missing from last bombing raid.

My father thought he had fought the war to end all wars; far from it.

Since I have witnessed a player that was with me in junior football give his life in Afghanistan.

We owe them big thanks.

Kevin Bryant