My Mother always said:
There’s a Difference between a NEED and a WANT!

… sport clubs assessing their funding ‘requirements’ also need to differentiate
between what they WANT and then how to pitch this in terms that funders can
understand as a NEED.


2: ASSESS your funding needs. This is not as simple as it may seem and you may
need to come back to the assessment throughout the process of searching for
funds and identifying appropriate funders. Remember because the ‘galaxy’ is
always changing, you too may have to adjust your funding needs as you progress
closer to identifying who may fund it. But for now your task is to make of list
of what you need (or want) AND estimate the costs associated with this.
This MAY be split into different ‘projects’ in order to successfully access
(Read full lesson with example at
or see newsletter at…/SEMNewsletterJuneEdition.pdf
As a club, you can use the form below to start to think about your funding
needs and identify ‘projects’ that can attract funding.
What do we need money for?
Some examples may be:
__ Refurbish
__ New
__ Research
__ Build new
__ Training for
volunteers __
Existing costs
__ Coach development
__ Travel

If anyone answered ‘existing costs’… bad news! Funders don’t want to pay for
your mistakes so if you have incurred some operating costs or need to pay staff
then you need to go back and reassess the operation of your club before moving
on to applying externally for funds. Funders pay to help clubs grow, expand,
improve but they like to see that you are relatively competent and/or stable to
begin with (especially for larger sums of money).

Another ‘no no’ is statutory costs (costs that you incur as a legal
requirement) – these are things that you are required to do by law (i.e.
maintenance for health and safety standards) and so don’t meet any of the needs
of funders from the public, private or voluntary sector that I discussed in
Article 1 (
– lesson 6 )

Once you have a list of WHAT you WANT, think about when you need it?? And how
much is it going to cost?? Construct a detailed breakdown of costs – very
important for funders to see you are being realistic!! Also include any costs
you are likely to incur afterwards… such as maintenance and include this in
your budget. Example, you want to apply for funds for a new facility
(£150k!!) but after that facility is built how will it be maintained and
managed?… will there be paid staff or all volunteers?? If your new project
has long term cost implications and you show funders how these costs will be
met….. they are more likely to fund the project! And unlikely to fund if you

Now look at your list and costs and see if there is one project or several….?

Identify what is capital (e.g. buildings) or revenue (e.g. new programme)
NEEDS….? (some funders only fund one or the other, some fund both)
The secret to communicating it as a NEED? – rather than as a WANT, to benefit
you and/or your

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club??…. Next lesson…. J

Tip: be ambitious, you can always scale it down but difficult to ask for more
once interest from funders is achieved. Tweet @TerriByers if you have specific
questions or comments.
Until next time…
Dr. Terri Byers, Principal Lecturer in Sport Management at Coventry Business
School, Coventry University, UK

Dr. Byers has provided funding advice to sport clubs for more than 15 years and
has helps hundreds of sport and community groups achieve their funding needs
through her consulting, workshops and role as an academic. Her expertise is in
managing sport organisations and she has published a variety of books, book
chapters, journal articles, has been invited as an editorial reviewer for
numerous academic journals and European Funding agencies / publishers and has
appeared in a variety of media who have sought her opinion on the management of
sport organisations and education.
Read more about Dr. Byers at
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