Trin’ Youth Centre edge out Cleethorpes Town Black’s in competitive mini tournament including Clee Town Yellows and All Saints

Trinity Youth Centre


The facts are Trinity lads won all their 3 matches; Clee Town Blacks suffered just 1 defeat; CT Yellows won 1 and The Saints lost their 3 games.

When you look at the night a little deeper only one Trinity goal separated them and second placed CT Blacks.  The decisive goal was the Trin’ winner when they played each other.

Yellows just 1 win?  There passing at its best was superb.

Saints no wins, not unexpected as they are a new team finding their futsal feet, that said they achieved their goal for the night, which was a} to compete & b} to score a goal.  Mission accomplished.

Night was a credit to the players and their parents and guardians who got them there and their managers for their sportsmanship and management (and giving referees a hassle free night).

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