GRS 2 Willows Valiant 8

GRS stepped up to the plate on
this one, made life difficult from the strongest team Dan Powers has put out
for some considerable time.  Superb
patient build up was key to Valiant success a 90% passing success rate, with
players thinking moves ahead of play. 
Team could step up into FA National League on this evidence.  With their main players on the court GRS
excelled themselves, with no disrespect intended, the situation changed when
substitutes was involved, Valiant game was not affected by substitutions, the
same high standard was their full game.

Steve Goodwin, caught attacking, had to leap like a salmon to turn a
lofted shot over his cross bar.  KB

Shamrock 5 Trawl 6

The game had too many players to
futsal to flow freely.  Futsal is not 5
aside, its 5 aside needing skill and tactics. 
The score ebbed and flowed as teams took in turns to ‘nearly dominate.’  Just as it seemed Shamrock had grasped the
initiative with a 2-0 lead, Trawl responded to level and then grasp a late,
late winner.  Trawl greater fitness was
critical to the win.

Stunning Chris Gittens volley – goal of night.  KB

YMCA Futsal 4 –Clee Wanderers 3

First win of current league for
YMCA.  Clee captain and ex GTFC youth
player ‘Whakker’ Wakefield was out injured, not a problem on the leadership
front as team is packed with leaders.  It
was ‘Whackers’ footballing influence on a game Clee had to replace.  Players stood up to the task, but it was just
not enough to beat a YMCA team mastering the art of defence.

Three one touch return passes from Clee’s Jackson was exceptional. KB



 A Matt Payne, Paul Goodhand, Higgo inspired team of ex FC Grimsby players beat Pelham 4-2 at Play Sport.

I am informed the match referee  managed to red card a Pelham player twice. Back passes to the keeper was allowed and restarts after a ball hit the roof netting was restarted in wrong place every time.

Black pudding can be called futsal, but as we all know, for a game to be futsal, futsal Laws have to adhered to


Check out FA video England vs. Greece.  Grimsby is represented twice. Match referee Gavin Sartain and player Ben Mortlock.


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