What is that scout on touchlines look for?

Head Of Recruitment | One to One/Small Group Technical Coach | 10 Years Coaching Youth & Senior Teams | Football Writer

When I’m scouting or assessing a player, one of the first things I’m watching is their head… Why? When you watch a players head, you can almost read into what they are looking at at any given time and this can give you an insight into their football intelligence or awareness, both on and off the ball. IN POSSESSION: Do they play with their head up? Is the player positive, searching for possibilities of penetrating the opposition? Are they aware of the positions of teammates and opposition players? Do they see the good options and make good decisions? OUT OF POSSESSION: Do they scan the pitch? Does the player check their shoulder before receiving the ball to feet? Does the player sense or read danger early? Can they anticipate where play is going, are they one step ahead? Are they constantly on the hunt for space and time? Do they offer themselves and give their teammates an option quickly? The younger they do this, the better! The best players in the world don’t just have the best feet, they possess the best football brains too. Every top player also has certain mental attributes that will allow them to influence a game:




Tactical awareness






Decision making


Danny Jones