Wednesday League gets futsal off to a flyer



Newton Heath 4 BBS Couriors 4

Scartholonia 1 AFC Trawl 7

Yarra 14 Grimsby Saxons 1  GRS All Stars 1 Fresh 5

 Newton started fast and then lost their way in the middle stages of the game. 4-2 down with 5 minutes left they recovered to a deserved draw.


Highlights of game, Danny North eating half chances, and a ‘Dicco’ overhead kick that was matched by an equally stupendous Steve Goodwin (BBS) save, this with the score at 4-4.

 AFC Trawl impressed; some great goals created from there own half and finished by tap ins at the back post.

Scartholonia needed that extra touch on the ball, which futsal does not always allow.

Two great keeping displays.

 Saxons as ever never game up and Jason Land sored a brilliant solo consolation goal.

‘Nimmo’ topped it with one of the best goals I have seen at Second Avenue, or any futsal. Taking a high ball in his own half, with his back to his opponents gaol, he cushioned and turned in one movement, and without the ball touching the floor volleyed into the Saxons net. Sensational!

 When they walked out both teams looked evenly matched, the difference was organisation. Most of the Fresh goals was counter attacks.