A self explanatory letter received from the Secretary of the National Futsal League.

The Grimsby Futsal League is a shareholder and supporter in this brave and exciting ‘new’ step forward.


  1. I am pleased to confirm that the National Futsal League is now a Community Interest Company, registered at Companies House (documents attached) and is a not for profit company. This means we can attract grant funding and investments under this umbrella as all money is for the league i.e. YOU.
  2. Can I ask that all clubs share this news on social media as it represents a major step forward and seen by the public alike as a clear indication that all funds are reinvested into the sport.
  3. The League Management Committee are the directors. As committee members come and go, they are added or removed as necessary from their directorship.
  4. Whilst we suffer continually in this pandemic, please be assured your LMC is working hard behind the scenes. This involves a range of activities including sponsorship and reviewing the futsal landscape in light of the FA’s recent statement on withdrawing funding. NFL LMC hasn’t stood still. We are planning for a great future.
  5. In light of the Prime Minister’s recent announcement on the lifting of lockdown and moving back into Tiers, the u18s technical committee are eager to start this league. Please keep checking your emails for updates.
  6. In light of the FA futsal cup not taking place, it is intended that the NFL will have a cup competition when the window of opportunity presents itself. This competition will be open to all NFL clubs. We would also like to extend the invite to NFS clubs. This may well be the only opportunity to play futsal before next season starts. Further updates to follow as we exit the current restrictions due to the pandemic.
  7. The LMC are always happy to receive feedback, ideas, new members etc. This is your league.

Best wishes

National Futsal League Secretary

Web: www.nationalfutsalleague.co.uk


  1. Due to the recent FA decision to pull funding on their National Futsal Series the NFL is left as the top tier of English futsal.
  1. At some, not to distant time, we need have a Grimsby team back on the National scene. If you want to help create a team or can sponsor a team please let me know.
  1. 2020/21 the NFL is proposing an u18 league, have we interest to enter a Grimsby team?