THE FA POKÉMON YOUTH CUP – Entry details – Move quickly don’t miss out!


Age Groups u10/12/14/16

The LFA have asked for names of teams that wish to enter the 2021 FA Futsal Youth Cup. The LFA qualifying step will be early New Year. When LFA know numbers entered and from which parts of the County they are from, they will then organise a qualifying tournament. I’m guessing it will be an indoor venue central to Lincoln. Past years there has been no cost to teams. Winning team will then play in a 4 Counties tournament. Win that and you’re at St Georges with potential to be a National Champion. The GFL has had a girl’s team National Champions and a boy’s team lose in a semi so we know we are capable. Being a National competition the Futsal cup will have precedence over other local and county matches.

Contact Kevin Bryant 07980286663, Welfare Officer & League Welfare Officer, for more information.