Referee update/want to referee?

Recieved from Phil Joslin LFA Referee Development Officer, useful links and addresses for old and aspiring referees.



Hi Guys

When new referees receive help and
information through the Welcome packs, it has always been my thoughts that the
booklets would be useful for both ‘new and ‘old’ officials. Many of you have
been aware that I have been asking the FA if they could produce the Report


I forward you the link to download
these booklets and in particular can I nudge you towards the Report writing
Booklet. Us older referees remember that we used to get a little booklet that
certainly I always used when writing reports. This booklet is even better in my


Again can I advise you that if you
haven’t sent your registration form to us can you do it urgently. I have a
meeting with the National game board on Tuesday evening and high on the agenda
will be my report on the number of registered referees.


Please do not reply if you have
submitted the form and received your receipt.

I hope you enjoy reading the
booklets and I know that it is a massive move forward from the Football



Lincolnshire County FA is now situated at 4 Henley Way,Doddington Road,Lincoln
LN6 3QR. Telephone Number 08449 670708.


Best Regards

Phil Joslin

Referee Development Officer