Nicol Magpies equal College 2001 37 unbeaten

Grimsby Futsal League
Thursday, February 01, 2007Second Avenue

Monday Premier League

Gunners Watch, with Cain Winfarriah and Danny Rowe starring, beat Eagles to make it 5 wins on the bounce and open up a 4 point lead over Magpies.      11-5

Mark Huntley led Magpies to comfortable win over old foes Fulstow Rovers.  Magpies with 8 conceded in 5 games have best defense in league.      7-2

All Blacks condemn Young’s seafood’s to bottom place.  Sam Tatari and Luay Gharib stand out.  Has to be a good league with Young’s bottom.  5-2

Second Avenue
Tuesday Division II
Second Avenue

Piemonte struggled to make a team, Harvest are tough with your best squad, hence miss match.  Credit to Piemonte that they rallied at half time when lesser teams would have folded.       12-3

StreetSoccer pulled back from 1-3 to level 3-3, unfortunately Magpies rallied again to 5-4 thus ending StreetSoccer’s 5 without loss run.

Grimsby Baptist just cant get back on track (6L in 8 matches), Thorpe doing the damage this week in a game that had some great play.       10-4

Jamie Stratton takes plaudits as ACD prove too good for hard working Rose & Crown.

CFKA will soon be changing name to ‘game of the night.’  7-7 all with Auditorium they take advantage of late mistakes to win 9-7.

Wednesday Division III

Littlefields always had too much for Expressions.      7-2

KBFC loose points, sorry lads.  ACD stand in and give FC Coventry a serious work out for their match fee.      8-3

Hemswell vs. Heta had close game written all over it, and so it turned out to be.  Hemswell nicking it 5-3

Kirk Russell (Second Avenue) scores the sort of goal that deserves to win a match; unfortunately Daz Clark team had not read the script.      7-4

Kent Street League

Big 3 record cricket scores, at some point the league will have to move to two division league.

Nelson scored 13-0 against Astle’s, Kent St (struggling for a team mid afternoon) left Warriors scarred 26-1, Football Wizards did their bit recording 13 without reply vs. Everglaze.

O’s are erratic, but get everyone there they can do the business as Humbertherm disappointed to find out.      8-6

5 teams at the bottom have 6 points.  Grimsby Futsal gets 3 of theirs with a 6-4 win over AFC Snoop who already had their 6.

Friendly Matches

Futsal is a very fast, highly competitive game of five aside.  Research has shown futsal benefits 11v11 football more than traditional coaching methods.  Futsal is the only game of five aside recognized by FIFA.  ( search futsal for rules).  A visit to the web site will illustrate the vastness of the game in Europe.  For UK news visit  To play locally at any level contact Kevin Bryant 07980 286663 or visit