Juventus aims to improve its junior base by introducing once weekly futsal sessions.

Juventus-Youth-Futsal Alessio Musti

Guaranteeing the best to its young people, to transform the experience at Juventus into a period of exponential growth: the goal of the Juventus youth sector has always been this, with extreme attention to the needs of each boy and to the methodologies used to coach. In this latter aspect, this year, there is an important development: the Futsal project.

The idea was born from the desire to integrate the two disciplines – soccer and futsal starting from the basic activity so as to make the growth path of young players even more complete, providing them with all the skills that futsal manages to broadcast. The project addresses age groups from Under 7 to Under 14: each age group will carry out specific weekly training.

Leading the project is Alessio Musti, a former futsal player, with three titles and six Italian Cups, and technical commissioner of the National team, as well as a teacher for UEFA courses on the methodology of futsal. A methodology when integrated with those already present at the Juventus youth sector, it’s aim is to improve the standard of the average player.

Thanks to Futsal Focus for this article