Grimsby Saxons pick up first points


Saxons went into Wednesday fixture with 6 straight defeats, asked to
play back to back games they could easily have said 1 is enough, as it
was the team accepted the challenge and was richly rewarded. 4-2
against AFC Trawl was a sound start, but then to beat 3rd placed Heta
(5-3) was a real bonus.

Wednesday League teams have everything to play for as teams are
already causing each other problems, the top 3 Inter, Expressions, and
Heta have all won 4 games each, but all dropped points.  The only team
with a 100% record – Harvest have no games under their belt.

Tuesday is as tight, just look at these 4 mouth watering fixtures on one night.

El Dogoes v Auditorium

Littlefields v Paragon

Wolf Wanderers v Globetrotters

StreetSoccer v Whakker

Littlefields look the only stone wall favorites, but without Callum Blythe this could well change. 

Monday night’s Premier League is just warming up with teams having each
played an uneven number of games; Fulstow Rovers and Harvest are the
only teams 100%.  Fulstow are playing with attitude, watch this