What a week and it’s not over yet!

Hull University Sport Hall

Sunday travelled to Hull to watch Hull vs. Birmingham FA Futsal Cup straight knockout stage of cup, big guns now joined smaller clubs that have qualified via regional qualifiers. Hull was good money for their 9-5 win. Grimsby league players ‘Higgo’ & Matty Payne helping Hull out with five goals.

Lads from my Saturday morning coaching session played support matches delivering great skill against their Hull counter parts who was futsal novices by contrast.

Monday referee three excellent games at YMCA.

Get letter from LFA detailing new County League. FC Grimsby is in Premier Division. More paperwork. If you want to play in or have a role to offer, please contact me. This team is about Grimsby Futsal delivering results. That means you. Either playing, sponsoring or in a support capacity.

Tuesday referee a 4 team tournament at Novartis; pitch not in best condition after heavy rain. Immingham Town play their first game and looked good. Get call from YMCA that a team has not turned up. Find out main person’s phone has broken. Essential I have two contacts, both text and email for every team.

Note in my diary to re-affiliate all teams to LFA. More cost. Seems only weeks ago I had just done all this.

Wednesday. Play with mixed group of oldies and youngsters a loose game of futsal. Depending on how many turn up we could have any number pair side. 7 vs.7 being maximum. Always a great crack. After that YMCA Corinthians vs. Payzone in adult league. A real tester, Payzone being last champions. Lost 8-5; close up to three quarter mark, Corinthians could not match them for fitness last quarter. Closing gap on top teams which is important.

Every senior league team is getting better each week. Can’t wait for next week.

After enjoyment of playing for Hull the Grimsby contingent want me to enter FA National League of which we was a founder team. Back then we had no home ground, that has changed, so entry is a possibility, but I want support and backing before I sign form.

Thursday. Night off, no games to referee at Novartis due to school holidays.

Friday yet another night off.

Saturday futsal balls blown up, skill ladders in bag, cones etc. head filled with coaching ideas. The 9-11 a.m. at YMCA. Is always enjoyable, great bunch of kids to work with.

Sunday not to be missed Grimsby Town vs. Durham University – FA Futsal Cup. This will be a great game, don’t miss it, you will learn so much about futsal. £1 adult’s 50p juniors. All proceeds kindly donated to Jessica Bryant Foundation, thanks GTFC.

Add to all this I have spent hours every day keeping up with fixtures and incoming mail, face book etc. Invaluable that Mr Mawer has being doing most of younger age group fixtures. I would have sunk without his help.

Thankfully great support from everyone, which makes job manageable.


Kevin Bryant