Under 18s League going down to last game

Grimsby Warriors u18 Champions 2016

Ym Spartans 5 Tetney All Stars 5

A game where the intensity level needed to play successfully crossed the level to when it works against a team’s capacity to perform.

I had a morning call that included the conversation ‘who was Spartans playing today’. When I said Tetney the response ‘was an easy game for Spartans then’?

Tetney proved they are no one’s fools, on average the players are a year younger than most opposition players, but this has not stopped them growing week by week into a highly competitive unit.

Three nil up, Tetney had Spartans rattled, a Spartans goal looked as it might settle team. No chance as Tetney went 4-2 up. Worse to follow 5-2. Tetney was not following script. To Spartans credit they clawed game back 5-5, but only after a very tough ride that could have gone horribly worse if Tetney had converted a last kick free ten meter shot at goal.

Only negative to match was the high foul count from both teams.

The loss of two points means only a win over top placed Giants will give them Championship.

Clee Mariners 6 Cody All Stars 7

On paper Cody team has players to challenge at top, to make that leap they need to move up two levels tactically.

Mariners never get results their endeavour justifies, so close yet again.