Under 18s league closing in on a dramatic finish, any one of GY Giants; Ym Spartans & CBM could win with two games left.

Clee Mariners 5 Ym Spartans 7

Result only tells half the story, two of the Spartans players that had confirmed to play failed to make venue. Both cases were avoidable, nothing more than bad planning.

Many players have obtained jobs helped by job references I have been only too happy to supply, should the missing two ask does 99% reliable does look as good as totally reliable?

Back to the game, Spartans four players started 4 vs. 5. Mariners had offered to play 4 vs. 4 but Spartans said the fact they only had four was their fault and they was prepared to play 4 vs. 5 as a consequence.

Mariners quickly opened a 3-0 lead, at which point they went to 4 vs. 4. A most sporting gesture on teams’ part. A gesture that allowed Spartans to claw back to 3-3.

Spartans managed to get a fifth player, thanks to an SOS call, allowing both teams to play 5 vs.5 second period.

With the score level at 5-5 Spartans took the lead for first time, followed by two more to consolidate win. Overall a very enjoyable game with some great passing and shot stopping played in commendably good spirit.

Tetney Ultras 2 Coby All Stars 4

Due to tenacious defending by both teams the game never got going as a futsal spectacle. Tetney opened scoring and added a second with a ‘free ten meter shot’after All Stars had conceded a fourth foul. 2-0 at break. The All Stars rectified matters after break, levelling to 2-2 and then winning game in last few minutes, Tetney walking on ice as they had used their allotted fouls.

CBM 4 Gy Giants 3

CBM opened a 2-0 lead even though Giants had looked stronger in opening exchanges. Giants pulled a goal back (2-1) levelled to 2-2 after break and then to 3-3. Clock was running out when CBM scored the goal that keeps right on Giants tales at top of table.

High standard game technically and tactically.