Thanks to the 4 teams that played an u13’s mini tournament at YMCA Tuesday night

I love these mini tournaments, watching independently of any team I can see the players playing more relaxed than in league games, which are unavoidably about winning and getting those three points.

The technique of such young players was a credit to them; their choice of pass and when and where to make that pass was better than I had anticipated. Add a couple of sensational goals and any parent watching must have had a great night, win or lose.

There always has to be a negative, this time it was ball distribution from some, not all goal keepers. The long high throw should be avoided at all cost; four times a free kick had to be awarded as one player tried to take ball out of air with his foot high whilst his opponent went to head the ball. These opportunities for accidents will reduce if the ball is on the floor. Given recent press, backed by scientific research, do we want our children heading a ball given the long term health aspects?

Overall the goalkeeper distribution was excellent.

One for the coaches to work on, lots of attacks had just two attackers involved, with two staying back, watch matches on YouTube and observe how teams attack with three and the rotation involved. It’s hard, I know from my experiences with same age group, these players are good enough to be pushed to next level.

For those that enjoy to see the scores:

Healing Hotspurs          7          vs.       4        Healing Development

Healing Laceby              1        vs.         2        Discoveries All Stars

Discoveries All Stars      6        vs.         2        Healing Development

Healing Hotspurs            1          vs.       1        Healing Laceby

Healing Development     3          vs.       1        Healing Laceby

Discoveries All Stars       1          vs.       1        Healing Hotspurs