One of the best games I have ever seen, futsal or football.

Lions team that destroyed Corinthians Lions are in their new kit purchased with vouchers from winning Monday 'B' League For 39 minutes 30 seconds Bradley was on the rocks; in final 30 seconds they won game. Amazing. Under 20’s vs. +35’s everything was pointing to the old guard giving way to the new. The mental strength needed for Bradley to win this game was mind numbing.

Referee John Drew match report:

Had you paid to see this you would have been more than satisfied. It had everything as a game of Futsal, apart from substitutes so it was going to be hard. Lions charged from the start and opened a lead only to be pegged before the break at 2-2. Throughout passing was sublime and incredibly fast meaning both goalkeepers had to work incredibly hard: and they did. But proceedings for the last ten minutes just got better and better and Lions were in front; just! Bradley relentlessly piled on pressure and Lions responded equally. In the last minute Bradley’s Dave Smith spied an opening and blasted a goal to seal what onlookers thought was a deserved equaliser at 5-5. But, neither team were satisfied and relentlessly ke

Lions manager Stu Orr talks with Matty Payne

Lions manager Stu Orr will not have slept a wink of sleep after such a mentally destroying match

pt the tempo of the match going looking for that elusive winner. As the clock counted down with just seconds left the Lions pressed but an intercepted pass in their half gave Bradley one last opportunity of an above head height long range pass to an unmarked Jim Allen who rose to meet it and headed majestically past the Lions keeper to win the match. 

Player of the Match: Both goal keepers – Kirk (L) & Dave (B) Outstanding

Two new senior teams make debuts, Toto FC and team Rhodie Clarke.

A very creditable first match performance from Rhodie Clarke who matched Me2 in the first period. However, the Me2 machine with their defend and break tactics won the points with 6 unanswered goals in the second. Undoubtedly more to come from RC in forthcoming weeks.

Toto gave Payzone a creditable game, Payzone greater experience just too much for the game Toto team. First game is always the hardest, you learn so much.