As web master and YMCA coach it can be very difficult writing
match reports for a team I coach, have I seen the game same as everyone else,
have I got the balance right.


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it always a pleasure to play against a Stu Orr team,
Stu has same passion for game as I have, loves to win but knows how to lose.

From remarks made to me all year 7 teams are finding it
tough against the year 8 teams, at some point we will have sufficient teams to
split league into two age bands. Are the
year 7 teams benefiting when they return to year 7 11v11 football? Last
season results suggest a resounding YES.

Stu reported game the way I viewed it from the opposite coaches
bench, YMCA played some great outfield play, dominating game for long
periods. What we did not do was win 50%
of our tackles or have a killer instinct in front of goal. The lads are aware of their frailties in this
area and is frustrating them individually.
They will come up with the answer I have no doubt, it’s a problem THEY
have to solve.

Stu thought we should have player ‘Chrissie’ out of goal, ‘he
would have ripped us apart.’ Maybe. Chrissie wanted to experience playing goal,
Jack our goal keeper is an 11v11 outfielder and was keen to play outfield. Result we lost, but the gain was that both
players experienced playing in a different position, something I
encourage. The lads know it’s their
team, their decisions, I just assist as needed.

Tom Barford was excelled in Lions gaol, confident natural keeper. Parents applause at end of game was genuine appreciation of two teams that delivered a compelling match.

Tough game at 2nd ave with lions and YMCA switching venue. Bigger pitch more space. Not
good for lions as YMCA had at least 70 per cent possession but lacked the
killer instinct and paid the price as what possession lions did have they made
it count in front of goal. Roll both teams into one and they could be a good 11
v 11 side. Great game for neutral better game for me and the lads as we came
away 4-2 victors. Thanks for the game kev see next time.