Leagues will restart Monday 9th September

Restart has been delayed by large amount of extra paperwork caused by new FA affiliation rule changes for small sided teams

Long term these changes will benefit everyone, particularly the governance for junior teams. The new procedure is that I inform LFA who is playing in each league Рthe LFA then contacts each club secretary to affiliate your team. The LFA will then inform me when that process is complete. Huge advantage is that each club Secretary & Welfare Officer will be in control of who is managing their club futsal teams. An additional benefit is your team will have Public Liability Insurance through your club. Your team will still need private player cover to insure against injury damage.

Teams that are ‘stand alone’ teams, this causes a problem which I am currently taking advice on.

If you need advice do not hesitate to contact me kevin@futsal.org.uk  or 07980286663