Is Eric Cantona writing Under 17s Match Reports?

Grimsby Diamonds 8 Toto FC 6

Tonight Toto clearly came for a definite ‘turkey shoot’, Without their talisman leader Adam, who defected tonight to the opposition, they set about hunting down Diamonds from the first whistle and completely outplayed them taking a well deserved 5 – 1 lead in the first before a lacklustre Diamonds started to ruffle some feathers of their own scoring two before the break for a 5 – 3 half time scoreline. But in the second, as Diamonds started to rally by doing what they do best, Toto fell apart turning the gun on themselves by trying to defend a lead, rather than continue to play as they had, intimidate and worst of all turned on the gamekeeper. Whereas, Diamonds didn’t flap, kept their heads, steadily pecked away as the minutes were gobbled up, scored five goals and in so doing handed out a valuable lesson in Futsal technique. So tonight the turkey won 8 – 6!

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