No Futsal this week due to start of Government lockdown.

Important Information Re Leagues Re Starting Monday 2nd November

You are one step away from playing – 07980 286663 –

At last we are ready to play futsal again, Corinthians Complex CIC Limited, your new management team, have secured company PL Insurance as demanded by the venue.  I will continue as Fixture Secretary, CC Director John Drew will be on hand to assist; Lisa Bradbury is a new face handling Finance & Administration.  Because of Covid all payments will be by bank transfer. This will take the burden off the referees and allow them to 100% concentrate on refereeing.

First week both John Drew and I will be there to meet you and your team on arrival.  A strict Covid policy will be in place that will be explained to you before you enter the court.

As an outdoor sport we are lucky we are being allowed to play, which makes it doubly important that we observe social distancing etc. Not compulsory, but would be best for each other if we all if wore face covers.

Additionally it would help me to have 2 contacts for every team so that I can email you both copies of League Rules & Local Futsal Rules; these are slightly different for each age group.

I’m assuming every team now knows where to find their Fixture?

Match fee is £20 to cover additional staff and Covid sanitizers etc.

Every team must affiliate to the LFA.  This is a process that needs to be completed on the FA Whole Game System. Those of you that are part of the Croft League will already have used the WGS. For the ‘stand alone’ teams WGS may be new to you, that said we will help you through process.  Callum Ely has affiliated his NTC ‘stand alone’ team without assistance – so it can be done.

Affiliation this year is free, but you will be asked to take out Public Liability insurance for the season.  I have copies of the policy that I will forward to you so you are aware of policy contents.  Policy is optional but it is highly desirable that you cover yourself and team; policy works out at about 50p a week.

You will get further instructions next week re using the WGS from LFA.

When Callum affiliated he also entered the FA Futsal Youth Cup sponsored by Pokémon.

Entry £30. Subject to availability you will get a Pokémon kit bag.

Entrance link

You can enter now using your ‘club’ affiliation number, rather than your futsal team affiliation number which most are still waiting on.

Regional Qualifiers will be at Meres Leisure Centre in Grantham, same as last year. Centre is a two court indoor venue. Matches will be scheduled not before New Year but must be completed by end of February.  Closing date for entries are not advertised but I would advice enter now to avoid disappointment.  Winners will progress to Regional Qualifier & if successful to a National Final.  Your £30 could go a long way.

Appears an awful lot to take in, but once completed WGS will only need tweaking over next 12 months.

Kevin Bryant 07980286663