Grimsby senior players taking futsal to a new level

Bradley team in pre match discussion

Grimsby Futsal League players taking futsal to a level that was unthought of 10 years ago; these guys need facilities to match their undoubted expertise.

Me2 7 Bradley 6
Player of the Match: Bradley’s Jim Allen
Electrifying at break neck pace Futsal from two highly experienced sides made for a superb match. Me2 All Stars struck early in the first and looked unassailable but some really clever counter play and passing left Bradley within striking distance in the match. At half way Me2 led 4-3 so all to play for. The second was counter attacking Futsal from Bradley that brought them level late on despite a high foul count and free shot saved by Dave. But the Me2 counter counter paid off for them to sneak the winner at the end. And how many post and cross bar ricochets can you get in a match?
Picture Bradley in pre match discussion.