Grimsby All Stars storm to 10-2 junior cup win



When the game kicked off there was an excellent crowd in the YMCA gym, only two people was missing Chrissie and Joe, YMCA team players. Bad traffic had caused them to be delayed. They arrived 5 minutes late to find their team three goals in arrears, not a good position to be in. This is in no way an excuse; YMCA had five starters but not quite the starting line up planned, which would have had a more defensive look. Not taking anything away from All Stars, the first three goals were unstoppable volleys.

YMCA were not as bad as the score suggests, in fact they was excellent, played some wonderful one touch interlinking passes, they was undone by a team that matched them in that key area but dominated in the finishing stakes. On another day YM’ shots that hit bar and post might have gone in and delete a couple goal keeping dropped catches that was out of character, the score could have been closer, or may be All Stars had another gear, we will never know.

A neutral coach watching the game would have been impressed, that there is no question.

The reality was All Stars was tremendous in every position and deserve the applause they received at the conclusion along with another £100 voucher manager Cody Button has to spend at Pro Active Team Wear.

Special mention to a player that did not play, Will Russell, played every cup game but missed final due to illness.

All Stars scorers:

James Atkinson 5, Charlie Wilkinson, Billy Merrison 2, Niall Smith 2