Great testimonial from NTC Juniors ‘the benefits of playing futsal’.

NTC u11s 2018

We (NTC) have loved this season of playing futsal. We feel that futsal promotes better technique for our players and develops their skills more rapidly due to a lot more time on the ball. Their decision making and executions are improving massively since playing the game. If you are serious about the quality of the time you spend playing or watching futsal games, then you will definitely see a rapid improvement in performances. Futsal has not only brought us on as a 5 a side team but also as a football team in Sunday league. Our players are a lot more confident on the ball and their movement that they have taken from Futsal and implied it to the football game is brilliant! As a manager, I am pleased we entered the Futsal league and will definitely be staying in it for a long time!!

Callum Ely (NTC Manager)

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