Grimsby Auditorium shock ACD!!

Grimsby Futsal League
Thursday, February 01, 2007Second Avenue

Monday Premier League

Gunners still 100%. Grimsby All Blacks gave it their best shot.  The greater futsal experience showed.     8-5

Young’s get no reward for great display.  Craig Norman their man of the match almost every week.  Lee Cook awesome for College.   8-5

Grimsby Catalonia v Magpies was a first chance to see Goodhand v Hornigold.  Danny Hornigold rose to the occasion and shackled the leagues top marksman.  Magpies win had 3 key ingredients, defense, defense, and more defense.

Second Avenue
Tuesday Division II
Second Avenue

Score does not tell full story, Harvest all over Thorpe Park, should of made it more….8-3

Piemonte always on back foot but managed to get 6 goals ACD played well but not at there best.    10-6

Piemonte tired after their first match; with only 5 men the struggled manfully keep the score low.

StreetSoccer win again in a another thriller for CFKA, do they play normal matches?  StreetSoccer kept going and came from 7-5 to win 8-7.  4 on the bounce for StreetSoccer.

Rose & Crown played out another close game; unfortunately they were on the wrong side of 5 goals against Magpies II who are putting a run together.   3-2

Wednesday Division III

FC Coventry still can’t halt slide.  Similar players when Pizza Paradise had a 18 match unbeaten run!  Expressions take advantage.   6-1

Heta hitting form, KBFC have no answers.  More games you play the better the futsal understanding.  As the score outlines   13-3

Daz Clarke and Hemswell share 10.      5-5

Kent Street League

Aspels defeat struggling Warriors, 3 straight losses.    9-2

Half Kent St arrives at wrong time to wreck 21 game unbeaten run.  Nelson grabs opportunity to consolidate top spot.   9-3

Everglaze want to play O’s every week, particularly if they arrive a player short.    8-3

At last Humbertherm don’t threaten a top team, they beat them. Not the result Wizards anticipated. 12-3

Littlefieds continue to surprise, Grimsby Futsal kept the score tight, they will turn the continue into a top half team soon.

Friendly Matches

Futsal is a very fast, highly competitive game of five aside.  Futsal is the only game of five aside recognized by FIFA.  ( search futsal for rules).  A visit to the web site will illustrate the vastness of the game in Europe.  For UK news visit  To play locally at any level contact Kevin Bryant 07980 286663 or visit