Grimsby 7 Leeds Barca 10

Grimsby problems compounded, just when team looked as it was
turning the corner 6 points are dropped in last 3 games to bottom placed Leeds,
and for the second week the team concedes 10!

Problems need addressing, injuries and holidays meant
Grimsby had 7 v 11 on the bench, a great disadvantage at National League
  Player energy levels expanded are
  Footballs players play 45 minutes
with the ball in play for an average 30 mins; futsal players play 20 mins with
the clock stopped every time the ball is out of play, average 28 mins.
  Football players walk about, futsal players
burst a gut, an even bench is essential.

Not for the first time Grimsby was level at half time to out
gunned in the second due to a lack of fresh legs on the bench.
  Tired players at any level make mistakes.

That said Hornigold, Payne, Wilkinson, Parry, Brooks opened
with the best offensive futsal play ever played by Grimsby, I have every
confidence this team can score goals against any opposition, the problem is the
opposite end of the field.
  No individual
is to blame, it’s a collective problem.
Weight wise we are a light team, a disadvantage in 1on 1 situations when
bigger opponents are ‘rolling’ are last man near goal.

We had numerous chances to retrieve the game but we failed
to capitalise when close to goal, positions are opponents are adapt at.

Defensive improvement is the key to winning consistently,
Mathew Payne is the league’s top scorer with 13 from 9 starts, Danny Hornigold
4th with 10 from 9; even John Frary is in there with 5 from 5.

Special mention has been to be given to the skill and work
rate of the team’s youngest players Sam Brooks and Josh Parry, one ball Josh
pulled out of the air to volley in the same movement deserved better than to
hit a post.

The mantra for the next game has to be ‘defence, defence, and

Next season Grimsby will need a home venue to play their futsal from, if you are aware of any suitable venues please let me know (07980 286663)