GFL Tuesday League – Wednesday Wild Cards & StreetSoccer take big scalps!

GFL  Shamrock 7 Wednesday Lg Wild Cards 10 Willows Valiant 1 StreetSoccer 5 El Dogoes 6 All Blacks 4 Clee Wanderers Vs All Stars

A big result for effectively a GRS from Wednesday League. Gavin Broughton’s team has played brilliantly for weeks without that big result their play has warranted. 

John Jo played best game referee (Dean Gladwell) had seen him play. A double hat trick against a team that bases itself on a solid defensive base is some accomplishment.

A great result for StreetSoccer against a Valiant team that had to include an injured Dan Powers to make up the team.

Dan Taylor was ‘man of the match.’

No surprise as he is playing some of the best football I have seen him play to compliment his futsal skills.

Last week I watched him control midfield in the Buddies vs. Harvest Saturday League match.

 Another depleted team, All Blacks through injuries, not the best time to get them when the opposition is El Dogoes.

Given the Thatari brothers was out to lose 6-4 to El Dogoes was a creditable if not acceptable result.

Clever link up play between Adam Cooper and ‘Burger’ was the difference between the teams.

Late cancellations are never acceptable, at least this time there was sufficient notice to warn Clee their game was off.


Points and match fee awarded against All Stars as per LFA rules.