GFL Tuesday – El Dogoes & Franklin College share top place

 GFL Willows Valiant 4 El Dogoes 7  Frankilin College 9 Gy All Blacks 1 StreetSoccer 4 Trawl 7  StreetSoccer 10 All Stars 6
  Both teams had strong squads out, equal on paper. My court side reporters tell me El Dogoes edged it with superior organisation.  A feature of El Dogoes play for some time is that they play as a unit to maximise the total of the individuals.  Having Ben Mortlock in your team means you have Grimsby’s most experienced futsal player to deliver that organisation.

All Blacks will counter that they did not have  a full team out, and with only five players they could not match Franklin’s seven for energy.  Organisation takes place on and off the court.

Chasing the game All Blacks strategy back fired and Franklin scored freely in last 10 minutes.

Trawl & StreetSoccer have both started badly sitting 3rd 4th from bottom going into game.  A win for either was important as both teams can compete at the higher end of the table.

Street Soccer must be thanked for playing back to back games.  watched second half of this game and was impressed by progress All Stars are making.

The goals they scored were all well engineered moves, unfortunately the goals conceded all had an eliminate of ‘self destruction’ about them.